November 29, 2021

Youth and sport medalists of the district of Dieppe: Chantal Cottereau succeeds Gérard Glatigny

Gérard Glatigny passes the baton to Chantal Cottereau at the head of the Circle of Youth and Sport medalists in the district of Dieppe. (© Les Informations Dieppoises)

The last meeting of Circle of medalists for Youth, sports and community involvement, which took place on Saturday, October 16 at Bois-Robert, did not look like its predecessors.

The agenda was to take stock of the past year, but it was superseded by the announcement of Gérard Glatigny.

Very moved when speaking and preferring to leave it to Christian Hardy, the latter therefore announced a decision that may have surprised more than one.

My health penalizes my desire to always take the Dieppe circle as high as possible. Before whistling the end of the game, I would like to thank my very dedicated and committed wife and the other members of the Circle. In these difficult times, the unconditional support of loved ones is invaluable… The passing of time and my state of health force me to hand over my hand for the 2021-2022 fiscal year. So I’ll quote a saying from Harry Ford that says: It’s time to live the life you imagined for yourself… especially at 80 years old.

Gérard Glatigny

A new steering committee

However Gérard Glatigny does not leave the presidency of the Dieppe circle without ensuring its sustainability.

Knowing that Jean-Claude Langlois also expressed the desire to take a step back from his position as treasurer, Gérard Glatigny found replacements to form a new management committee.

It should be added that Christian Hardy, who held the presidency for a year also renounces his functions both within the Dieppe circle and within the departmental committee.

So this is Chantal Cottereau who becomes the new president.

Sylvie Guillaume in fact the same as treasurer.

She will be assisted by El Houssine Lasfar, new member, while Edith Glatigny remains secretary and she will have by her side Therese Delahaye, newly elected.

The first words of the new president went to the people who decided to step down

We will not forget you with all that you have done for the association. You will always be welcome and my wish is to continue working in a friendly atmosphere. The association is on the right track and we will make sure to continue its action as best as possible. I will work to find deserving people and in particular young people likely to apply for a distinction, letter or medal. We will continue to be volunteers who take care of the volunteers.

Chantal Cottereau

40 years of the departmental committee

President of the departmental committee of medalists for Youth, sports and associative involvement, Benjamin Gorgibus congratulated the newly elected members while thanking the old ones for their action and their investment over many years.

He underlined his pleasure to be together after a long period without meetings

We are always mobilized for associative involvement in order to promote honorary distinctions. It’s our duty ! The term of office ends in 2021 and another will begin for three years only because of the proximity of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024. We are also going to set up actions to try to bring Seinomarins to the Olympics.

Benjamin Gorgibus

In this regard, theelective general assembly of the departmental committee is scheduled for Friday November 26 at Doudeville.

As it will also be to celebrate the 40 years of the seinomarine body, an evening is scheduled after the meeting and the committee will pay 10 € for each member.

Appeal to mayors and presidents of associations

We can also remember that the circle of medalists for Youth, sports and community involvement for the district of Dieppe corresponds to a very large geographic area.

It goes from Dieppe to Saint-Valery-en-Caux, but also from Neufchâtel to Forges via Offranville, Fontaine-le-Dun, Bacqueville-en-Caux, Luneray, Eu, Blangy or even Envermeu and Longueville-sur-Scie …

There are currently 48 members and one sympathizer, but officials insisted on urging current and future medalists not to hesitate to join the circle.

Also, mayors and association presidents are invited to highlight volunteers who have worked for many years and who deserve to be in the spotlight.

The work of detecting potential medalists in the field should therefore be stepped up in the coming weeks.

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