November 28, 2021

Why is it important for cosmetics brands to take advantage of influencer marketing – Marseille News

The strength of influencer marketing goes beyond establishing customer contact.

Par Hanisha Kapoor

Influencers completely transformed the way cosmetics and beauty brands operated, bringing cult following to the company’s social media pages including Instagram and YouTube. During unprecedented times of the coronavirus pandemic, when brands seek to foster a special, authentic and personal relationship with consumers, influencer marketing spares no effort to serve that purpose. However, the strength of influencer marketing goes beyond establishing customer contact. They are also the source of the communication of the brand’s values, image and other strategies. Brands are also capturing the talent and ability of these people as part of their marketing campaigns, as this influencer marketing space matures with advanced ROI and cost per view.

Need for influencer marketing campaigns

With the advent of social media, communication has become faster and more personal. Now, people would like to believe in the experience at their fingertips rather than inspiring experiences of what their favorite celebrity is wearing or using. Gone are the days when a consumer, especially a millennial consumer, would flip through the newspaper or magazine to spot celebrities in makeup ads. They prefer to instantly ask the influencer questions and get personal answers to questions about that particular brand.

These influencers also work very hard to create authentic and relevant content for their audience. Their ultimate goal is to build a positive relationship with their subscribers through their out-of-the-box content. It’s extremely difficult to create engaging content every time, but they do it with aplomb. This is precisely why brands engage with these influencers. They felt it was easier to work with someone who is already a trusted source on social media and promote their brand to the audience they are reaching for.

The increase in screen time is the number one reason makeup brands make the best use of social media influencers. Through their posts, they create audience engagement on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for recipes, games, makeup tutorials, and crafts. Influencers have even become opinion makers, who can easily brand for a consumer’s consideration.

Here are the following situations, when a brand can benefit from influencer marketing:

∙ To obtain maximum traction when launching a new product
Leverage influencers to share your already created content or have them create their own content for your marketing campaigns
∙ Influencers also do a great job of reporting and extending the lifespan and impact of brand events
∙ If the brand is going through a crisis, social media influencers could provide another channel to connect with your consumer base.

Consumers are influenced by influencers, not company ads

Numerous surveys have shown that when it comes to buying makeup products, more than 65% of consumers make the decision to buy a particular cosmetic after hearing the influencer reviews on social media, followed by third party product reviews, beauty professionals, companies. classified ads and public figures and celebrities. Instagram is by far the number one social media channel that influences consumers’ buying habits as it is convenient to post lots of photos and short videos and it immediately reaches followers. Influencers can also respond to consumer queries individually in the comments section. On YouTube, how-to videos are very popular because they teach consumers how to apply certain products. For many consumers, YouTube makeup tutorials are the most visited place of beauty engagement that influences their decision. However, depending entirely on influencer marketing is no guarantee of success. Successful influencer marketing takes time, dedication and research and for that a well thought out influencer program needs to be integrated as part of a much larger marketing strategy.

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