November 27, 2021

When ERP enhances your business

Often approached on a purely technological level, the subject of ERP is nevertheless a structuring axis in the financial valuation of a company. Indeed, at the center of the company’s day-to-day management processes, ERP plays a central role in the development of the company, allowing it to improve performance and develop its activities. Proof of this is in tense situations where the company is deprived of its ERP (in case of Ransomware or other), the activity is then stopped which results in a net loss of turnover.

ERP more than a technology, a governance tool

The ERP, as we have mentioned, is an essential management tool. In fact, unlike other solutions, it is used by all management teams to manage their activities: CFO (management and monitoring of profitability), Commercial management (monitoring of orders and invoicing), Management of operations (follow-up of workshops, management of supplies and stocks, etc.), etc.

Relying on an ERP therefore makes it possible to give life to its development strategy and to ensure that it is carried out correctly by accessing relevant information. Top Management is then able to promote the company and give real credibility at different levels.

We could, for example, evoke the relationship with shareholders (presentation of results), the relationship with financial partners (for obtaining credit lines from banks for example), or even credibility vis-à-vis customers and partners (for the good management of processes, operations, etc.). The enhancement of ERP therefore has many faces and can give the company unexpected value. It is therefore a question of making a difference from the competition by focusing on the effective digitization of its activities and operations thanks to ERP.

Digitally equip yourself: the assurance of successfully completing your development

One thing is obvious today that each company must deploy and design an agile organization in order to be able to develop in the long term by taking into account new uses, standards, etc. It is therefore fundamental to invest in digital technology to achieve this and more specifically in new generation management systems to carry out operations from a single point.

This is why the ERP is now a key link for companies of all sizes and that its implementation makes it possible to enhance its assets, give transparency to its operations and therefore increase the value of its company. . Overall, various deployments highlight that relying on an ERP not only secures part of its operations, but also increases the value of its business.

On the strength of these elements, ERP is therefore the key component that companies will have to integrate into their growth plans to remain attractive and significantly increase their long-term value.

By François Montandon at b.workshop