November 27, 2021

What we know about the CFM industry fire, in the western area of ​​Brive (Corrèze)

A huge plume of black smoke in the sky, detonations, the fire that broke out on Wednesday, November 17 in the afternoon on a recyclable material recovery site in the western area of ​​Brive, was spectacular and could continue to be for several days. Explanations.

1. The origin of the incident

The alert was given at 2:54 p.m. by the company CFM Industrie, which specializes in the collection and treatment of metals. According to an internal source, the fire started from an 80-ton shear press used to compact and cut the metal. A short circuit or malfunction related to the machine’s turbo could be the cause of the fire. From then on, the fire quickly spread. There were no injuries.

A fire in a metal factory causes a huge plume of smoke above Brive (Corrèze)

2. An important device deployed

The Corrèze firefighters quickly deployed an important device. Thirty-five firefighters from the Allassac, Meyssac, Donzenac, Objat, Tulle, Brive and Ussel rescue centers were mobilized.

A “drone” team was sent to assess the scale of the disaster, guide the ground teams and identify any homes to be evacuated. A unit specializing in technological risks was tasked with taking samples to measure the toxicity of the fumes.he clearing work began at the same time as the fight against the flames. Photo Stéphanie Para.

3. A long-term operation

The size of the combustible material and the very nature of the materials oblige firefighters to fight over time. This fight could last several days.

According to an employee of the company, the burning materials (plastics, scrap metal, etc.) no longer contained toxic liquids. But the ignited metals could cause a phenomenon of autocombustion, complicating the task of the firefighters.

4. How to extinguish this fire?

The objective this Wednesday evening was “to maintain the fire in the enclosure of the company and to avoid any propagation”, underlined the commander David Dehout for the firefighters. To overcome the flames, an important clearance work awaits the intervention teams. Firefighters also use fire-fighting foam that can suffocate flames.

5. Security perimeterBlack smoke from the fire, visible for miles around. Photo Stéphanie Para.

Due to this fire, the road to Jargasse will be closed Thursday, November 18, said the town hall of Brive. The Golf de Planchetorte is also closed for the whole day.

On the other hand, this Wednesday evening, no evacuation of residents had been ordered.

Pierre Vignaud