November 30, 2021

What sports accessories to buy to exercise at home?

When you want to start a sports program at home, it can be difficult to vary the movements without sports accessories. Indeed, the accessories make it possible to intensify the exercises and to carry out different options. This is also why you want to know which equipment to turn to.

Practicing sport is good, but practicing it in good conditions is even better! This is why we have selected several types of accessories for you to get for your sports training.

So, if you’ve already done some classic moves, you’re going to be able to level up.

The carpet

Haven’t you thought about it? Yet it is indeed the basis of home sports training. How can you make a comfortable movement especially on the floor without a carpet? Not only is it an accessory that guarantees the hygiene of the athlete, but also the comfort of the latter.

A simple towel on the floor is not sufficient … You risk having muscle pain at the end of the session without your sports mat. Choose a rug with a little thickness.

Elastics among sports accessories

Playing sports at home rhymes with sports elastics. Indeed, this relatively practical accessory will allow you to increase the resistance during your exercises. There is also a multitude offered on the market. In addition, you will find rubber bands at all prices and of course, with different resistance levels.

This can range from the lowest level to the most advanced level. If you’re not a big fan of dumbbells, rubber bands will do just fine. In addition, it is an accessory that can also help you when stretching.

TRX bands

Generally, regular athletes in their training know this accessory. Initially, TRX bands were designed for a commando team to allow them to train anytime, anywhere. The only condition was to create an accessory that would allow him to intensify his sessions in order to gain in performance and keep in shape.

You don’t need to have specific DIY skills to install TRX strips high up at home. There are tutorials on YouTube that are very easy to follow to achieve this. Good news ! It is an accessory that does not take up much space. Enough to carry out your workouts and do a lot of exercises while staying at home.

Kettlebells as sports accessories

When we want to feel our muscles worked, we first think of the additional load. In other words, we arm ourselves with weight to accentuate the physical efforts. What could be better than kettlebells for a good workout at home?

As with any prop that involves a weight load, there are different levels. By level, we mean the weight of the kettlebell. You can find kettlebells from 4 to 20 kg. Obviously, we choose the weight of the accessory according to its sporting level.

What accessories are you going to buy in the near future?


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