November 29, 2021

Volunteer firefighters, single emergency number … Parliament definitively adopts a draft law on civil security

A unique emergency number will be tested for two years as well asa rally without “police-rescue” of the 15th and 18th and a regrouping of the Samu (the 15th) and the doctors on duty, the SAS.

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The Parliament adopted definitively, Tuesday November 16, Tuesday a transpartisan bill intended to prepare the “civil security of tomorrow”. The text provides in particular for the experimentation over two years of a single emergency number – replacing the 15, 17 and 18 – after a final unanimous vote of the National Assembly.

This unique number has been vilified by the “white coats” as being “a waste of luck” for the sick, with the fear that the pre-eminence of the doctor’s expertise might be called into question. However, if emergency responders defend the use of the “15”, firefighters consider that current practices increasingly tend to reduce them to a role of ambulance, which is not their primary mission.

Deputies and senators seem to have found a point of equilibrium in the mixed joint committee (CMP) with certainly the experimentation over two years of a single emergency call number, but also of two other models: a gathering without “police -secours “(15th and 18th) and a grouping of Samu (15th) and on-call doctors, the SAS. Drawing lessons from the serious technical incident that disrupted emergency numbers on June 2, 2021, the bill also strengthens the obligation to route emergency communications by telephone operators.

Voted unanimously by the 123 deputies present in the hemicycle, the text, carried by LREM deputy Fabien Matras, also contains a battery of measures in favor of firefighters to preserve a civil security model largely based on volunteerism. The text provides for more advantageous financial subsidies or easier access to social housing in order to encourage and retain volunteers, but also measures to strengthen the criminal response against the attacks of which more and more firefighters are victims.

A mention “died for the service of the Republic” was created for deceased public officials “in exceptional circumstances”, with the status of wards of the Republic for their children.