November 27, 2021

VIDEO. Toulouse: a mobilization in front of Georges’ house, squatted for the third time, turns into a standoff

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Residents gathered in front of the home of Georges, an 84-year-old Toulouse resident, whose house has been squatted for nearly a week, for the third time.

A bit like a family that meets for an unpleasant event, a small support group for Georges, 84, was formed on Tuesday in front of his squatted house at 112 route de Launaguet in Toulouse. Specialists in the fight against squats who had managed to dislodge, last winter, the occupants of the house of Roland, 88 years old, route de Fronton (our previous editions).

Marie-Ange, Georges’ daughter arrives with her arms laden with crisps, peanuts and bottles of water. The support for his father does not intend to let go. Very active on social networks, they intend to “bring back as many people as possible”. “It’s not normal to occupy other people’s homes,” they say. They are using a law that must change ”.

Marie-Ange, Georges’ daughter, in front of her father’s house, squatted for the third time.

Marie-Ange, in front of the family house where her grandmother was born, regains hope. “This is the third time it’s been squatted,” she laments. We are at an impasse. We do not see the outcome. They consider themselves at home. They put a padlock. The law is incredible in France. This mobilization gives us hope. We will continue to fight ”.

On the letterbox of the pavilion, the squatters have affixed their names. Self-proclaimed “Residents”, they explain, on posters, not forgetting the spelling mistakes, that “this house has been empty for at least four years, squatted on several occasions, has been abandoned: tree fallen on the roof, totally empty house, half walled up and open with regular squat marks for a few nights ”.

At the end of the afternoon on Tuesday, support for the squatters also arrived. As in last winter, the tone rose between the two groups. The war of nerves has begun. Behind the closed windows of the house, the “occupants” are themselves discreet.

A police car is present to avoid any overflow.

A police car is present to avoid any overflow.