November 28, 2021

Victim of school bullying, Chanel, 12, committed suicide in Frévent

The family is organizing a rally on Wednesday in front of the college where Chanel was educated.

A 12-year-old schoolgirl committed suicide on Thursday at her home in Frévent in Pas-de-Calais. Her family claim that she was the victim of school harassment and organize a rally in front of the college where she was educated on Wednesday.

Chanel was 12 when she died on Thursday. She was educated in the 5th grade at the Pierre-Cuallacci college in Frévent explains The voice of the North. According to her family, the young girl was the victim of bullying at school. The gendarmerie opened an investigation and a psychological unit was set up at the college.

This harassment targeting Chanel would have lasted several years according to a mother who knew the victim, interviewed by the local newspaper The Goblin of Ternois. “It did not start this year: it was already the case in primary school, when she [Chanel] gained weight “, she says. Students “Use Snapchat a lot, with messages that are quickly deleted, or groups with voicemail messages. Children are very mean to each other. I’ve heard terrible things before: ‘You’re too fat, you stuff yourself, you don’t deserve to be there’… ”, she also confides.

A rally is organized by the family of the young girl who died this Wednesday morning at 10 a.m., in front of the college, to “A last tribute in silence in order to respect family mourning”. “Respect the family! No overflow! “, is it also asked on this poster published on social networks. Those close to Chanel have also opened an online kitty on the Leetchi platform, to support her family. It is accessible here.

If you are the victim of bullying at school, you can contact 3020, a national toll-free number to fight against this scourge. A national toll-free number has also been available since October 1 for suicide prevention, at 3114.