November 28, 2021

Vaccination against Covid-19 has sharply reduced hospitalizations for the most vulnerable, according to Public Health France

During the fourth wave of the epidemic, the number ofhe cases, hospitalizations and deaths has been reduced by 80% in people aged 75 and over, compared to the second wave.

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Vaccination against Covid-19 has greatly contributed to reducing the hospitalizations of the most fragile French people, in particular the elderly, a study by Public Health France indicates Tuesday, November 16. (document PDF).

The vaccine campaign against Covid-19 began in France at the end of December 2020, first targeting populations at risk, recalls the health agency. A little less than a year later, nearly 75% of the French population now has a complete vaccination schedule, according to the latest published figures. However, the study by Public Health France confirms that the vaccination had “a significant impact on the epidemic, especially for eligible people in priority”.

Thus, from the third epidemic wave (which ran from March to May 2021), the weekly numbers of cases and deaths linked to Covid-19 decreased by nearly 90% for residents in nursing homes, compared with the second wave. (fall 2020). Among all over 75s, the weekly number of hospitalizations has fallen by 29%.

The impact was even more noticeable during the fourth wave (from July to mid-October 2021). The average weekly numbers of cases and deaths were reduced by 94% and 96% for residents in nursing homes compared to the second wave. Among those aged 75 and over, there is an 80% reduction in cases, hospitalizations and deaths; in people aged 50 to 64, a 68% reduction in hospitalizations and 54% of deaths, and in those aged 18 to 49 a 35% reduction in cases and 24% in hospitalizations.

The agency recognizes that the interpretation of the part attributable to the vaccine is complex because, she emphasizes, it is necessary to take into account other elements concomitant with the progression of the vaccination (hygiene measures, social distancing. ..). But since these prevention measures have been decreasing since May, the improvements observed during the fourth wave cannot be attributed to them. “These results underline the effectiveness of the strategy of rapid introduction of vaccination by targeting as a priority the people most at risk”, she concludes.