November 28, 2021

Two 4-star films: releases spoil us this week (videos)

The “Julie” of Joachim Trier, “France”… Our reviews in their entirety, the trailers and the sessions.


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Julie (in 12 chapters) (Joachim Trier)

The Norwegian filmmaker brilliantly combines content and form to question our contemporary world. He establishes an intelligent balance between the characters, offering incisive dialogues, situations as poetic as they are funny, moving, ferocious, always with a correctness that hits the mark. We love this unfolding life populated by flashes of light, solar flashes, melancholy and doubts. We are caught up in a stunning staging dynamic, as well as by the radiant energy of Renate Reinsve. The film from a not-so-light era.

France (Bruno Dumont)

A mixture of realism, excess and theatricality. And it works wonderfully. Like an uppercut. Bruno Dumont’s approach is fierce, cruel and funny. He succeeds in an intimate and flamboyant film.

The power of the dog (Jane Campion)

Ferocious, gripping, sensitive, a disturbing story, sometimes ambiguous. At first, you might think that you are facing a “simple” western. Has a period film such as we have seen others. But little by little, it turns into a much deeper melodrama, questions masculinity and the norm. Appearances turn out to be deceptive, and the opinion that one had formed of the characters is clouded. An atmospheric period film, which is fully in line with the artistic vision of Jane Campion. She maintains a constant tension there, suggests things, but leaves the spectator free to form his opinion and does not close any doors.

Ghostbusters: The Legacy (Jason Reitman)

Gil Kenan and Jason Reitman rediscover the flavor of a certain cinema from the 80s. Yes, yes, that of Spielberg & co. And, while remaining contemporary, have fun with multiple back and forth between their film, carried by a very good cast of actors, and the two of the father, whether in their scenario, by multiple winks. or the (inevitably) expected cameos. For fans and novices alike!

Come here that I kiss you (Sabine Lubbe Bakker & Niels van Koevorden)

A touching family chronicle, then the strong and powerful portrait of a young woman who manages to assert herself. An analysis of society too, of family relationships, of the world of art. Rather thin and even often quite funny. In short, a nice surprise.

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