November 27, 2021

Tom Holland (Spider-Man) accepts his fame thanks to Zendaya

Tom Holland did not find success from Spider-Man. The young man debuted at 16 in The Impossible by Juan Antonio Bayona with Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. A dramatic feature film praised by the press and spectators. Since then, the 25-year-old actor has been carrying on projects, as well The Lost City of Z that, in the coming months, the adaptation of the video game franchise Uncharted. In short, Tom Holland’s calendar is overflowing and we have to manage this celebrity. In an interview for QG (via WGTC), the young man talks about this starification to the extreme and the one that helps him manage this part of a life exposed. That person ? Zendaya, his girlfriend on screen and in real life.

Zendaya, who recently confided in her social media discomfort, made him want to share moments with fans.

Credit: Warner Bros.

In the old days, Tom Holland didn’t like photos but learned to be a role model for young people.

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Zendaya has a positive role in Tom Holland’s mental health

Tom Holland has been a hit for years. Spider-Man : No Way Home unveils a second trailer and many are waiting for this third adventure of the Weaver. So inevitably, young people adore the actor and do not hesitate to ask him for photos, to discuss. A situation that the young man lived very badly in the past as a precocious star. But Zendaya has helped him accept that light and be more courteous when fans approach him.

Having Zendaya in my life is playing a determining role on my mental health. She is so good at being a role model to young people, boys and girls. When someone says to him: “ Can I have a picture? », This is never a bad time. Whereas me, my reaction was: “ Why are you talking to me? Leave me alone ».

– Tom Holland

If Zendaya is so used to fans, it’s because the actress debuted even younger than Tom Holland. The actress made his first steps in 2010 in the series Shake It Up from Disney. The young woman continued her career playing MJ in Spider-Man and even play in Dune by Denis Villeneuve.