November 28, 2021

This architectural firm transforms old semi-trailers into luxurious caravans (with plan)

In France and throughout the world, road transport represents 89.1% of land transport excluding pipelines, 9% for rail transport and 1.9% for river transport (Source Data and Statistical Studies).

And, like the shipping containers that today serve as the basis for ecological homes, truck trailers may soon become new habitats.

It is true that these immense trailers offer a significant space, which, well arranged, could largely act of dwelling; in any case, this is what the designers of the first hotel concept of its kind must have thought. In Poland, the first hotel chain that transforms semi-trailers into luxury mobile homes has just been created. Presentation.

A European first

GOOD SPOT is the name of this first chain of mobile hotels built from refrigerated semi-trailers. All the trailers used for the concept were abandoned by their owners. So here is a great way to rid nature of this kind of bulky waste and turn it into luxurious homes.

Semi-trailers transformed into luxury caravans. Photo credit: Znamy się

The idea of ​​the designers is to offer a kind of full-scale test of these semi-trailers transformed into a caravan. As with any new form of habitat, people like to test before committing. This is the case with tiny-houses or A-shaped houses: it is by occupying them for a given time that we can judge the desire to make it our main home.

A minimalist lifestyle that appeals

This concept therefore comes to us from Poland and it is the Znamy sie cabinet which designs this innovation in housing. They therefore transform abandoned semi-trailers into mobile camper vans with two real chambers. The objective of this concept is to manufacture mobile homes that future owners can move around at will, while retaining the comforts of a traditional house.

To do this, the designers first covered each semi-trailer with a stainless steel similar to that of AirStream caravans. Inside, they have equipped the trailers with all the necessary amenities and items that can be found in a hotel.

The fact that the semi-trailer is originally a long building makes it possible to create a path from one end to the other and to form the parts in a row. Inside, we discover two sleeping areas with large windows leaving the rooms bathed in light. When looking at the photos provided by the architectural firm, it is a little difficult to imagine that this luxurious mobile home was an old abandoned trailer; the result is breathtaking.

An ecological concept

With GOOD SPOT, the architectural firm is getting a little more involved in ecological tourism. By recycling these old piles of scrap, they give them a second life without using new materials. In addition, these semi-trailers remain fully mobile and are designed to operate off-grid.

The plans of the trailer transformed into a luxury mobile home
The plans of the trailer transformed into a luxury mobile home. Photo credit: Znamy się

By renovating abandoned trailers, the Poles are part of an UpCycling process, process that recovers unused materials to restore value. It is ultimately the same principle as container houses, but the starting material is different. This concept could become an alternative to tiny houses and other tiny houses, and this is good news for the good of our planet.