November 30, 2021

there will be no fine until next year

If the new regulations will come into force on November 1, drivers who will not be equipped will not be fined, specify the Ministry of the Interior as the Secretary of State for Territorial Cohesion Joël Giraud.

“One year of teaching”, time to adapt. On Monday, the government announced that if the new regulations on winter tires will come into force on November 1, the police will show tolerance until next year vis-à-vis motorists who do not ‘would not have acquired at the beginning of November their winter tires, chains or socks to circulate in the municipalities concerned.

“Educational operations”

“Information and educational operations will accompany the implementation of this system in the coming weeks. Any breaches of the obligation to keep snow chains in your trunk or to equip your vehicle with winter tires in the departments concerned will not be sanctioned this winter “, underlines in a press release the Ministry of the Interior on Monday, October 4.

Not being equipped according to the new regulations in force is in principle punished with a fine of 135 euros. Fines which will therefore not be distributed this winter. This is confirmed by the Secretary of State for Territorial Cohesion and Relations with Local Authorities Joël Giraud on Monday in Eastern Republican.

“We have decided to do pedagogy for the 2021-2022 season where this fine will not be applied”, explains the Secretary of State, who specifies: “Noting that the panels would not all be installed for November 1 and that the consultation for the municipalities to be included or not continued in certain departments, we decided not to take the sanction decree “.

Pay attention to specific decrees

Each prefecture must indeed publish an order listing the number of municipalities affected by these new obligations, orders that have not yet been published in all the departments concerned.

48 departments are theoretically concerned by this new regulation, voted in the framework of the last Mountain law.

However, this tolerance has limits, reminds Joël Giraud: “On the other hand, if for example the prefect takes a specific order on a route because we are announcing a snowfall and it is imperative to be equipped to ride, there this will of course be punishable, as was already the case. But, for the general obligation, there will therefore be a tolerance of one year “. The fines will therefore only occur on November 1, 2022, continues the Secretary of State.