November 28, 2021

The yellow vests are struggling to re-mobilize on roundabouts

YELLOW VESTS – “Yellow vests” attempted a timid return to the roundabouts this Saturday, October 16 in various places in France to protest against the rise in energy prices and the decline in purchasing power, noted AFP journalists.

Asked by AFP about the crowds at roundabouts, the Interior Ministry, which did not have a national figure, referred to a “weak presence in the territory”. One hundred people gathered in Toulon, 60 in Beauvais (Oise), it was mentioned Place Beauvau.

In Châlons-en-Champagne, a small score of “yellow vests” occupied a roundabout at the exit of the city in the morning, according to an AFP correspondent. “We are apolitical but we no longer find ourselves in this government or in the candidates for the presidential election, we want a candidate who knows social misery”, explained a member of the Chalonnais collective Liberté Citoyenne.

The demonstrators demanded the establishment of the citizens’ initiative referendum (RIC), a central demand of the movement since the first occupations of roundabouts in the fall of 2018.

Near Orleans, about fifteen demonstrators found themselves on a roundabout without blocking the situation, reports France Bleu.

In Toulouse, between twenty and thirty people gathered at the emblematic roundabout of “Socamil”, to the south-west of the city, with signs such as “Vivre, oui, survivre, non” or “No peace without justice. ”. On the spot, they denounced the “police violence” or the decline in living standards, noted an AFP journalist.

“We do not even earn the hourly minimum wage, we do not even have a full-time job and we have too many children in our care to be able to take care of them properly”, explained a woman in her thirties. years posing as an educator.

About fifty “yellow vests” gathered in the afternoon at the Buers roundabout in Villeurbanne, a suburb of Lyon, said the prefecture, according to which they quickly dispersed.

In Vendée, about twenty of them gathered at Les Herbiers to join a roundabout in La Roche-sur-Yon in a snail operation, according to Ouest-France.

Yellow vests and health pass

During this 14th Saturday of mobilization against the anti-Covid measures put in place by the government, yellow vests also reinforced, as every week, the anti-health pass demonstrations.

Thus in Pau, a former stronghold of the “yellow vests”, where a procession gathered 700 people in the direction of a roundabout which was briefly occupied for about twenty minutes, according to an AFP correspondent. Similar gatherings have also taken place in Montpellier and Nice.

In Caen, they were 270, including about thirty “yellow vests”, to demonstrate against the rise in fuel prices and for a “convergence of struggles”.

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