November 30, 2021

The yellow vests announce their return to the rise in fuel prices

YELLOW VESTS – “There’s a real awakening this week, it’s pretty explosive”. The yellow vests movement, born in 2018 in the face of rising fuels, could well experience a revival three years later as of Saturday, October 16, fueled by similar claims.

The dates match almost day to day. On October 16, 2018, the price of diesel exceeded that of gasoline and a petition to denounce the increase in fuel prices took on unprecedented proportions. Three years later, on October 11, 2021, the figures published by the Ministry of Energy Transition show this same diesel at an even higher level than in 2018.

It is more than enough to re-mobilize the demonstrators of the first hour: “It wakes up and it gets annoyed. The price of gasoline is the straw that broke the camel’s back, as it was three years ago. This week I had a few calls saying ‘What are we waiting for? We are suffocating ‘”, told this Friday, October 15 on BFMTV Ingrid Levavasseur, figure of the yellow vests who then got involved in politics.

40,000 people expected in France

This renewed mobilization could materialize this weekend. “We are not tired,” warns Maxime Nicolle, also considered one of the leaders of the movement, in the columns of the Parisian. “The party will last a hundred weeks if necessary,” he adds.

He prefers to “keep the surprise” on the forms that the movement could take. Ingrid Levavasseur evokes for her part “gatherings on roundabouts” with distribution of leaflets but “no blockage” and “nothing comparable” to the movement of 2018 which had taken everyone by surprise.

Same story for Thierry Valette, founder in 2018 of the association of “yellow vests citizens”: “There is not, for the moment, a big national mobilization. It remains sporadic, small movements with local groups ”he explains to BFMTV. This does not prevent him from “calling the old ‘yellow vests’, those of the first hour, to come.”

Lists disseminated on social networks identify more than sixty roundabouts to be occupied, located throughout France, from Paris to Montpellier via Île-de-France, Avignon, Marseille, La Rochelle or Calais.

According to a police source at Parisian, at least four protests were declared in Paris this Saturday. The police are expecting a mobilization of around 40,000 people throughout France, a figure likely to evolve rapidly despite everything.

According to Release, the keywords “October 16, 2021 ″ were used by nearly 750,000 people Friday morning on Facebook,“ even if barely 70,000 were discussing ‘yellow vests’ ”, nuance the daily.

The demonstrations of yellow vests on the rise in fuel prices could also be confused with those against the health pass, as was already the case in some cities since the implementation of the device.

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