November 27, 2021

The Teijin company at the forefront of global automotive production in Pouancé

The visit of the company Teijin took place on Wednesday, October 20, 2021 in Pouancé (Maine-et-Loire), in the presence of Philippe Bonte, president of Teijin France, Steve Rooney from Teijin in the USA and Dominique Boyer, director of the Pouancé site . (© Haut Anjou)

Located in the industrial area of ​​Pidaie in Pouancé, delegated municipality ofOmbrée-d’Anjou (Maine-et-Loire), Teijin company (ex Continental structural plastics) lance en 2021 his first line of production of composite materials for’global automotive industry.

“The composite materials that we develop will be sent to the group’s manufacturing plants. They will be used, among other things, to manufacture protective elements for electric batteries, an important development factor for us, in Europe or in the United States. We are starting a big project with a German car manufacturer in the Czech Republic ”

Philippe Bontepresident of Teijin automotive technologies France

The corvette, flagship car

Innovative in terms of research, the Pouancé company has focused its efforts on light technologies.

She was interested in state-of-the-art carbon fiber processes. To illustrate the site’s know-how, Philippe Bonte highlights the corvette, a sports car from the American car manufacturer Chevrolet.

“It is Teijin’s flagship vehicle. It is made in Indiana. We do all the 35% lighter body. We gained 25 kg by using glass microbeads, ”notes the president with pride.

Another light body project for a manufacturer in England will start in Pouancé, the parts will be manufactured in Portugal.

The Pouancé site has two main activities, one of which is focused on research and development.

The Pouancé site (Maine-et-Loire) of the Japanese group Teijin was rewarded for the improvements in its HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) performance in 2020.
The Pouancé site (Maine-et-Loire) of the Japanese group Teijin was rewarded for the improvements in its HSE (Health, Safety, Environment) performance in 2020. (© Haut Anjou)

“We are working on lighter vehicles and on recycled carbon fiber”, specifies the president of Teijin France.

“Carbon is Formula 1, but it is more economical to work with recycled materials and to find solutions with more efficient materials”, continues Philippe Bonte.

Thirteen patents

On the Ombrée-d’Anjou site, the 25 employees are quite proud of the results achieved since 2014.

In seven years, the Pouancé CSP site has totaled no less than thirteen patents and three innovation awards.

“Our customers are the largest European car manufacturers,” notes Marc-Philippe Toitgans, research and development director of Teijin France.

By joining the Teijin group, the Pouancean company (formerly CSP) is taking a new step.

“The development of the site means that we have started a production line. We received it in 2018. We are over 4,000 m2, it’s a big setup. An investment of 5 M € ”, announces Philippe Bonte.

She made material in rolls, a mixture of resin and carbon fiber. This semi-finished product is sent to parts production sites in Europe to manufacture the final product there.

The production of a line is 20,000 tonnes per year. “Everything is duplicated to put a second production line. We have to respond to the changing automotive market ”.

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