November 30, 2021

the suspect is a former professional boxer and municipal candidate in the North

The 51-year-old man arrested Thursday, October 14 is suspected of having beheaded a retiree. He told neighbors that he was being followed for psychological problems.

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With France Bleu Nord and France Bleu Hérault – franceinfo

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The man suspected of having killed and beheaded a 77-year-old woman in Agde, in Hérault, is a former professional boxer and right-wing candidate then National Front (FN) in Hautmont, in the North, assures France Bleu Nord on Friday October 15. This 51-year-old man was on the various-right list which won the 2008 municipal elections in Hautmont, before being at the head of the FN municipal list six years later, in 2014, then in 2015 for by-elections . He did not win any of those polls. He then left the commune and had not been seen there since.

According to France Bleu Hérault, he had lived for three years in Vias, just next to Agde, in a low-cost housing unit. He had confided to have health concerns to several neighbors, in particular that he had had a stroke which had left traces and that he was followed for psychological disorders. Separated from his wife with whom he had two children, he lived alone. One of his neighbors says his behavior has changed in recent days.

The Béziers public prosecutor’s office said Thursday evening that he had been arrested shortly before 9 p.m. in the area of ​​the facts and was taken into custody for murder. According to the first elements of the investigation, he knew the victim. A bank card was stolen from the victim’s house and was used to withdraw 1,000 euros. The Territorial Directorate of the Judicial Police of Montpellier is responsible for the investigation, under the authority of the Béziers public prosecutor’s office.