November 27, 2021

The six projects to bring the colleges and high schools of Brioude (Haute-Loire) closer to the business world

The observation is relentless. Companies are unable to fill jobs. And at the same time, vocational training centers do not fill up with students.
During the general assembly of the local business school committee of Brioude, Tuesday, October 19, the heads of the educational and entrepreneurial bodies of Brivadois and Haute-Loire returned to their common problem. How to bring college and high school students closer to the business world? Several concrete actions already carried out in the territory will be renewed or improved.

premium Recticel factory in Mazeyrat-d’Allier: the “foam” mattress made in Haute-Loire

Raise teachers’ awareness of the business world

“Some teachers have a distant vision of the business world. We have to try to bring these two worlds together, ”says Dominique Cognard, in charge of school-business relations at the rectorate. And Marie-Hélène Aubry, inspector of the Haute-Loire academy, to add: “It is the main teachers who take care of the guidance of the pupils. It is therefore essential to raise their awareness. »Teachers from private and public establishments will have the right on Tuesday 23 November to a presentation of the economic fabric of the territory by the CCI and the Brioude business network. The afternoon will continue with a visit to the companies of CN Industrie and the Française de Gastronomie. “In Brivadois, the lack of manpower is mainly in the agri-food sector”, continues Julien Faucher, president of Miléade and representative of the Brioude business network.
Another area for improvement is raising awareness among parents. “There is a lack of knowledge of what is being done in the area,” notes Michael Klein, manager of Cosmetosource.

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Several company visits possible for the 4th

New this year, the possibility for a 4th year class to visit several companies in the same geographic area. The program is under construction and should be implemented during the second part of the year.

Successful meetings between business leaders and 5th year students.

Between November 15 and December 15, a local business manager will present his activity to 5th year classes. “These are very important moments of exchange, the students are very curious at this age,” explains Nagia Godinaud, principal of the Marguerite-Thomas public college in Sainte-Florine.

“From this year, what is remarkable is that there will be a point of contact between the business world and the school, from Sainte-Florine to Saugues, with all the college students from 5th to the 3rd. “

Julien Faucher (from the Brioude business network)

The trades forum renewed

The trades forum is scheduled to be held on January 17. “We wondered about its usefulness. But this moment of exchange, with higher schools and companies, is still important for the students. This allows them to have a certain representation of the business world, ”notes Cécile Mouzat, psychologist from National Education and director of the Brioude Information and Guidance Center.

The Brioude (Haute-Loire) Employment and Training Forum is back

The return of the orientation bus

Under the authority of the Region, the orientation bus, which allows companies to discuss with students and learn more about training locations, will once again crisscross the roads of Brivad. On December 3, he will stop at the college of Sainte-Florine. Other passages of the bus should take place in the territory. The provision of a virtual reality headset was at the heart of the discussions. This could be implemented in order to discover the trades in a more immersive way.

Experiments in high schools in Brivadois

A pivotal moment in their orientation, Brivadois high school students will be able to meet local economic players. “We are going to reach all the second students in Saint-Julien and all the final year students in Lafayette and Bonnefont,” specifies the representative of Brioude entreprises. These are initiatives that make sense. The feedback is very positive. “

Mathias Souteyrat