November 28, 2021

The sign of an effective workout?

“Look how I sweated, I did my sport for several days!”. Sorry to contradict you, but sweating is not a guarantee of a good workout every time. But rather a physical characteristic specific to each one.

After a good HIIT, a run or a boxing session, some people sweat a lot, and therefore think they have worked well. While others, during the same session, will simply be slightly damp and therefore ask themselves a few questions about the effectiveness of their session. However, the amount of small drops does not equal the number of calories lost …

Sweating = weight loss?

Not at all. When playing sports, the body heats up and must therefore release heat to stay at a stable temperature. This is when sweating comes on. More or less dense depending on the organism. However, it does not make you lose weight since sweating is nothing but water. To burn fat, and therefore lose weight through sport, it is with hyperventilation. Indeed, the increase in the oxygen needs of your body will allow you to burn a maximum of calories.

How to recognize a good workout?

Sweating is not a sign of a good workout. Aches every time either… but then, how do you know if it works? Patience will be the best way to find out. Indeed, logically, after several days and weeks of a sports program, your body will change: weight loss, mass gain, drawn silhouette… according to your goals. So this is where you will see if your sessions and your motivation are really effective.

But for the more impatient, a few warning signs can give clues. If when you increase the difficulty in bodybuilding, stiffness appears the next day, and this is a good sign, for the majority of sessions, it is precisely the absence of pain that will prove the effectiveness of your sports sessions. That’s not all, if you’ve given your best with 15 or 30 minutes of cardio, for example, your body and muscles must be fatigued, and your heart rate, and breathing rate, too. .

You will see, knowing these little details changes everything!

Ophelia Moisant

Curious and passionate writer who likes to find the latest trends and share her Healthy and Sport tips!