November 28, 2021

the series that plagues the playgrounds

The South Korean series that has become cult continues to be talked about. In question ? Numerous cases of violence between pupils in the playgrounds. Thursday, October 14, in Toulouse, a child was severely beaten after participating in a game according to the codes of the series.

1,2,3 Soleil, the rules are simple, we all played it. One person is from behind, the rest is running until the person turns around. Those who move are eliminated, the others continue. The variation in Squid Game is: you move, you die. However, since the series was released on the American platform, the National Education is worried about violence in schools.

This is what happened to a college student last Thursday. During the meridian break, he and his comrades play 1,2,3 Soleil. But one of them decides to add a violent dimension to it, in these terms: “whoever moves, we beat him.” “

As reported by France 3 Occitanie, the mother of the teenager in question explained, ulcerated: “My son got scared and then wanted to stop playing. For his comrades, he moved! They then started running after him. He ran away, but one of his friends tripped him up in a corner of the college. Once on the ground, they all started kicking him in the stomach and head! “

The ministry obliged to intervene

She decided to lodge a complaint Tuesday, October 19 in a Toulouse police station for “aggravated violence”, and remains shocked at the turn of events: “the blows received by my child could have been dramatic, according to the doctor who told him. auscultated the same day. He still has a stomach ache and has not eaten since the assault. He is not feeling right. “

The principal of the college for her part spoke of a “game that has indeed degenerated”, and explained that “disciplinary proceedings are initiated. “

This incident is not an isolated case. Many teachers and principals are increasingly worried about the harmful effects that this series has on student behavior.

The Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blanquer for his part called last Tuesday for a “collective responsibility” and declared that “it is about games which then have an influence on the playground in terms of dangerous games (…) we have alerted both school directors and college principals to these phenomena so that there is attention. »