November 28, 2021

The Saint-Pierrais Lucas Hacala invites himself in “Tout le Sport” on France 3 –

It’s a great showcase for a promising young player. At 19, Saint-Pierre hockey player Lucas Hacala continues his progress with the Drakkars de Caen where he was promoted to captain of the U20. “Tout le Sport” has been interested in his career since his “exile” from the archipelago.

Having left to live his dreams on the other side of the Atlantic at just 15 years old, Lucas Hacala can now look to the future while calmly looking at the road traveled.

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Solid on his skates as well as in his head, he was able to combine school career and high-level hockey as evidenced by his almost indecent statistics in the under-17s. To start with the Drakkars, Lucas already had 88 points scored in 43 games over his first two seasons.

Captain in the under-20s, Lucas Hacala is also called up in the pro group of the Caen Drakkars in division 1

Now an executive player in the under-20s, his cruising speed is just as satisfactory with 67 points scored in 47 games.

This season, during the first 6 meetings, he has already delivered 5 assists while scoring 5 times.

You really have to be angry and know what you want

Lucas Hacala – U20 captain – Drakkars de Caen

Today, he shares his dreams and his determination with other Saint-Pierrais such as Emmanuel Alvarez, Marco Alvarez, Emmanuel Perez, Zachary Poirier or even Louka Janil who have also put their bags in Normandy.

For all, it is the story of a great journey under the sign of passion. The show “All Sport“on France 3 was not mistaken by taking a closer look at Lucas’ course.

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