November 30, 2021

The returns of Stromae and Adele, engaged for him, syrupy for her

Two heavyweights of world pop music resurfaced on Friday, October 15, when they had not published anything for six years.

In 2015, the Belgian Stromae bowed out after a burn-out severe after a tour of more than two years and three million copies sold of his second album, Square root (2013). The English Adele, who totals more than 120 million copies for the whole of her young career, had released her last record, 25, also in 2015 and had achieved worldwide success with the song Hello, whose clip was imaged by Quebec filmmaker Xavier Dolan, awarded in 2014 at the Cannes Film Festival for Mommy he signs again the clip of his new title.

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The francophone and the anglophone are arguing in this early fall for the come-back the most thunderous in two totally different registers: that of the electro cumbia, a bit engaged for Stromae, and that of the lyrical ballad a tad syrupy for Adele.

Stromae and the tribute to the little hands of everyday life

For Health, popular injunction at the hour of the aperitif that the singer does not speak of the whole song, the former Brussels rapper seems to have gathered in one title two of his most famous pieces, Then we dance and Formidable. On the cover, he gives the few dance steps to be performed for “Celebrate those who don’t celebrate, raise a glass to those who don’t”.

In a deep voice, in the line of people who applauded for caregivers, Stromae wants to pay tribute to those who do not party when others do: waitresses, housekeepers, girls in the locker room, ladies Pee. With the same voice that smells of the drunkard’s alcohol Formidable, he plays the unbearable, demanding and moody customer who humiliates the little hands of everyday life.

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The music, composed by his team from the Mosaert label, uses the same formula as the hits of Square root, a little world music (afro or latino) and a lot of electro. The upcoming album recorded in Brussels will have to be more surprising, more incisive, so that we can be delighted to find this complete and extraordinary artist.

“30” will be Adele’s fourth album

If there is one who has regained health, it is Adele. The 33-year-old has lost 45kg over the past two years, but hasn’t lost the power of her mezzo soprano voice.

Adele holds the awards she received for her album

With Easy on Me, the singer takes up the story of Hello where she had left it. Her love story over, she comes back again and again to explain – “I was only a child” -, uses the allegory of the gold diggers to say that in vain she continually sifts the murky waters of her love to find some nuggets.

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