November 30, 2021

the Ministry of the Interior sends a mediator to the activists on hunger strike in support of migrants

Anaïs Vogel, Ludovic Holbein, Philippe Demeestère began a hunger strike on October 11 to defend the plight of migrants.

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The director general of the French Office for Immigration and Integration (Ofii), Didier Leschi, will travel to Calais on Wednesday October 27 for a mediation mission, the Interior Ministry announced on Tuesday. For 15 days, Anaïs Vogel, Ludovic Holbein and Father Philippe Demeestère are on hunger strike in the Saint-Pierre church in Calais. The strikers demand in particular the end of the dismantling of migrant camps during the winter period.

Didier Leschi explains how to get there “for a contact and mediation mission” in order to “to put in place the conditions for a constructive exit from the crisis for all”. The latter, one of the players in the dismantling of the Calais moor five years ago, is due to meet with associations and strikers there on Wednesday.

The three activists from Calais denounce “an escalation of physical and psychological violence” these last weeks. “We felt helpless. We wanted to do more than letters, petitions, demonstrations,” testifies Ludovic Holbein to France 3 Hauts-de-France. It was the death of Yasser, a young exile who was run over by a truck on October 10, which convinced the activists to start this hunger strike.