November 28, 2021

The longest LEGO Star Wars ship available again!

Good plan news The longest LEGO Star Wars ship available again!

Long out of the reach of fans and aficionados, this famous ship, which is the fame of the Star Wars saga, is once again available at LEGO. Collector’s item among the collector’s items, this vessel exceeds one meter in length and is filled with details that make all its authenticity!

Lego Star Wars: The Ultimate Collector Series Imperial Star Destroyer Set Available Again!

The famous ship of the Empire, the Imperial class Destroyer, the Devastator is back at LEGO where it has a place of choice as one of the largest sets of the firm! Exceeding a meter in length, its level of detail, its high level of fidelity make it a must-have in the LEGO Star Wars collection!

Buy the Imperial Star Destroyer for € 699 at LEGO

This imperial ship has a special place in the saga, indeed, it is the very first that we see appear on the screen. He is then in pursuit of another spacecraft, much smaller, the Tantive IV, that of Princess Leïa Organa, then on the run with the plans of the Dark Star, the absolute weapon and object of domination of the ‘Empire.

This star destroyer is notably part of the personal fleet of the Sith Lord and the Emperor’s right-hand man, Darth Vader. It is equipped with a whole arsenal of weapons, ranging from tractor beams to turbolaser batteries and ion cannons. A war machine in the true sense of the word, the Devastator – by his small name – was part of the Death Squad, even after Darth Vader took up his quarters on the Super Star Destroyer Executor.

The very symbol of the Empire, this interstellar destroyer is 1,600 meters long and is home to many TIE fighters. Able to deploy quickly to conflict zones, or even to organize a planetary blockade, the destroyer is a dreaded and feared vessel.

Transcribed in the world of LEGOs, the ship features a multitude of precise details that make this object a first-rate collector’s item!

LEGO Destroyer Devastator: a stunning Star Wars Imperial ship

This LEGO building set featuring the lines and shapes of the famous ship contains over 4,700 pieces. Measuring 110cm long, 66cm wide and over 44cm high with its display, it is a sizable collector’s item!

The longest LEGO Star Wars ship available again!

The Devastator is also equipped with all its arsenal including batteries of turbolasers, swivel cannons, tilting radar and high quality engine exhaust.

It is to know that LEGO was inspired by episode IV: New Hope of the Star Wars saga, which means that you can find Princess Leïa’s spaceship to scale and which can dock to the Destroyer !

The longest LEGO Star Wars ship available again!

On top of that, this building set additionally contains two minifigures: an Imperial Officer and an Imperial Crew member each equipped with their own blaster. A descriptive plate and a presentation structure also accompany this Imperial Star Destroyer from the Ultimate Collector Series range.

Buy the Imperial Star Destroyer for € 699 at LEGO

The longest LEGO Star Wars ship available again!

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