November 28, 2021

the full scenario of a radicalized inmate’s escape attempt

INFO BFMTV. Last weekend, a detainee prosecuted for criminal conspiracy tried to escape from Fresnes prison. A meticulously prepared escape attempt.

It was not the first time that Douha M. was looking to dress up. This radicalized detainee, accused of criminal conspiracy, tried to escape in the night from Saturday to Sunday from the prison of Fresnes, where she is imprisoned. She had been intercepted at 6:56 am on the rampart walk.

According to information from BFMTV, the search of the cell of the 31-year-old detainee, “returning” from the Iraqi-Syrian zone, revealed that the latter had attempted several stratagems before last weekend. Investigators discovered that she first attempted to pierce the ceiling above the toilet. Unsuccessful, she had masked the traces by gluing a sheet of A4 paper.

Several escape attempts

Douha M. had also tried to saw a bar with a kitchen knife. Again, she quickly gave up and hid the thin cut on the bar with a piece of cloth. During her hearing after her placement in police custody, the detainee told investigators that she had thought of escaping through the sewers. A manhole cover also seems to have been tampered with.

The rope and the motion detector that it degraded
The rope and the motion detector it degraded © BFMTV

During the night from Saturday to Sunday, she had finally managed to dig a hole under the bars of her window using a spoon and two canteen knives with round ends. To succeed in unsealing the stone from the wall, and to facilitate its corrosion, she used a mixture of vinegar and water. Three basins of rubble and stones were found in his cell.

Photo of the basins of rubble discovered.
Photo of the basins of rubble discovered. © BFMTV

In order to descend the two floors, the inmate made ropes from sheets and fabrics. Also according to our information, in her descent, she damaged the movement detection device. The latter, however, worked since her presence was reported on the patrol path where she was apprehended, without offering any resistance.

No loopholes in the inmate’s supervision

Searches were carried out in all the cells in the women’s quarter to confirm that the incident was isolated. The prison administration also checked whether there were any faults concerning this “particularly watched” prisoner.

According to our information, the bars of cell 238, where she was imprisoned, had been inspected the afternoon before her escape attempt and no anomalies were noted. Two rounds, at 5:08 am and 6:09 am, had also been carried out, without anything in particular being noticed.

Photo of the hole under the bars she dug
Photo of the hole under the bars that she dug © BFMTV

Investigators used the CCTV footage to try to understand how things may have happened. On these videos, we can see the detainee with a book in her hand, probably the Koran discovered in her backpack at the time of her arrest. According to corroborating sources, this young woman, who has a special aura because of her status as a “ghost”, was also reciting suras at the time of her escape. An element that is still the subject of investigations.

The possibility of external complicity is also considered, while the CCTV images of the streets adjacent to the prison will also be used. According to his statements, his escape attempt is linked to a transfer project, which was presented to him a few weeks ago, to the radicalization prevention district of Rennes prison, which would keep him away from his daughter.