November 29, 2021

the electric sedan activates sport mode with Rotiform

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The Alpha Motor Supersaga is the sporty interpretation of the 100% electric Saga sedan, unveiled a few days ago by the fledgling American firm. Equipped with an aesthetic preparation signed by Rotiform, specialist in automotive customization, the Supersaga is distinguished in particular by a carbon fiber rear trunk decorated with a large fixed spoiler. A carbon fiber front blade and diffuser also make an appearance on the electric sedan. The screw-on fender flares house a choice of 18 to 20-inch rims, Rotiform’s “DTM Satin Black” model for the Supersaga presented in glossy “Runway” white. The other model coated in a blue “Paradise” tint is fitted with gold Alpha Motor rims.

Sports performance

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Alpha Supersaga & Rotiform | The photos of the electric sedan

Alpha SupersagaCredit Photo – Alpha Motor

Displaying the same length as the Saga, the Supersaga measures 4.70 m from bow to stern but is 6 cm wider at 1.97 m. The sporting sedan has Dual Motor technology giving it all-wheel drive, for an unknown total power. Only 0 to 60 mph (0 to 96 km / h) is announced in 4.6 seconds, despite a total mass of 1.9 tonnes.

A cylindrical lithium-ion battery (easily interchangeable?) Installed on board gives the Supersaga a range of over 300 miles (480 km). The thermal management of the assembly is controlled by an integrated liquid cooling system. The vehicle can be recharged in 1 hour (0 to 80%) in direct current thanks to the fast charge.

Finally, the Supersaga incorporates several advanced features, including a digital speedometer centered on the driver, a large central panel, haptic audio and air conditioning controls and ergonomic seats with reinforced lateral support.

In short

Alpha Motor is teaming up with Rotiform to release the Supersaga, a sporty version of the 100% electric Saga sedan unveiled in mid-November 2021. The car has a sporty look with a complete body kit, including a large fixed spoiler mounted on the rear trunk in carbon fiber and 20-inch rims signed Rotiform.

Paul Niocel