November 30, 2021

The Cantal tour sport reinvents itself in Saint-Flour

When Philippe Fabre talks about this Cantal tour sport fall collection, it is both the PE teacher and the vice-president of the departmental council who expresses: “we are, as we know, in a process of developing four activities. seasons. But what seems to me especially very important with this event is to offer young people the opportunity to meet and get moving. Because the confinements have hurt them a lot, many are in poor physical condition. We must therefore help them get back into motion. They will be able to do it during this day, and why not discover a sport in which they will engage. This would be beneficial for associations, which have also suffered from the health crisis. “

In the aisles: reception and registration of participants. Quiz and games around Europe in the east parking lot. In the same place: mountain biking, electrically assisted mountain biking, treasure hunting, skiking and horseback riding. A digital bus will also be present: with a virtual reality headset, you can immerse yourself in several activities.
In the alleys, under the chestnut trees : football, rugby, handball and zip line.
Courtyard of the Hugo-Vialatte school: archery.
Victor-Hugo Gymnasium: hip-hop and dance.
Place Amarger : tennis.
Palace Square: volley-ball.
Halle aux bleds: judo, karate and savate.
Shopping Street: fencing and artistic fencing.
Jacobins room: shooting and gymnastics.
Parade : information point, demonstration of the Grimp, climbing, departure of visits to the cathedral, the ramparts and the old center. CIAP: yoga relaxation. Chapter Garden: pétanque.


The Cantal tour sport is therefore expanding to achieve this objective. After the summer versions around the lakes, winter in the resort, here is an urban first, in the fall. “It’s a test,” continues the vice-president of the department. But for which we were able to benefit from the services and know-how of the city of Saint-Flour, the interco, the OMJS, and the local associative fabric. We played it collectively. “

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Back, the Cantal tour sport departs from Maurs this year


For such an innovative event in his state of mind. Because beyond the twenty sports offered, this day will have a solid heritage component. Through sporting activity, since young people will be able to practice in emblematic places of the old center: on a climbing wall in front of the cathedral, on dojos in the halle aux bleds, or yoga mats in the brand new heritage house . But also with city tours, free museums, or a treasure hunt allowing access to rarely seen places. “The setting lends itself to this ideally, and this is an opportunity to promote Saint-Flour as well, because there will not be only Cantaliens among the participants”, summarizes Philippe Fabre.
The presence of firefighters, for a full-scale exercise of the Grimp, with abseiling from the cathedral, is not trivial either: “we want to promote their activity through this, we know their importance but we also know that they have trouble recruiting. “

Schedule. 9:30 a.m. to noon and 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Traffic and parking. Parking will be prohibited at Place d’Armes (in front of the cathedral) and Place Jean-de-Brisson, (behind the tourist office), until Friday at 6 p.m. Traffic is prohibited at Place d’Armes tomorrow and Thursday, vehicles coming from rue de la Frauze will exit via rue de la Rollandie. Note that traffic will also be prohibited in the city center, Thursday, from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Finally, only the hospital side of allées Pompidou will be open for parking until Friday.
Inscription. Online or on site. Free. Reserved for 6/18 years old.
Sanitary protocol. Children over twelve years old and their accompanying adults must show a sanitary pass at the aisle level. A bracelet will then be given to them, to access all the activities.

Yann Bayssat