November 29, 2021

The ANS and the Fondation du Sport Français are working to develop sports patronage

The Fondation du Sport Français and the Agence Nationale du Sport signed a partnership agreement on Wednesday to promote and develop sports patronage in the regions.

In association with the sports movement and in particular the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF), Thierry Braillard, President of the Fondation du Sport Français and Michel Cadot, President of the Agence nationale du Sport, on Wednesday signed a partnership agreement so that sport sponsorship is a turnkey tool for Regional Sport Conferences in order to finance sports projects in the territories.

Local actors mobilized

This collaboration will thus make it possible to increase the share of private funds to finance sports projects, while respecting the common action objectives set by the French Sports Foundation and the National Sports Agency. To do this, local players in the sports world will be able to propose projects to be funded in connection with the development of high-level sport, the development of female sports practices and physical and sports activities adapted to people with disabilities or even prevention and fight against all forms of discrimination and violence. Thanks to this mechanism, the companies involved will be able to benefit from the tax advantages linked to sponsorship and support local projects that correspond to their CSR values ​​and policies.

Thierry Braillard: “Sport is a strong vector of values ​​and social cohesion”

“I am delighted with the implementation of this innovative tool deployed, in collaboration with the French Sport Foundation, in favor of the employment of high-level sportswomen and sportsmen. It is a new asset within the services provided by regional sports conferences ”, confided Michel Cadot. For Thierry Braillard, “Sport is a strong vector of values ​​and social cohesion. Allowing local funders to participate in its development is our ambition and doing so alongside players in the French sports movement is a major challenge for the success of our joint actions. “