November 30, 2021

the 9 questions that LaREM will ask the French in view of Macron’s campaign

The walkers return to meet the French, five years after their first Grande Marche. Nine questions will help them take stock and feed the proposals of Emmanuel Macron, who has not yet declared himself a candidate.

After five years, it’s time to take stock. The activists of La République en Marche are launching from this weekend a new operation entitled “5 years listening”, during which they intend to meet the French to survey them on their impressions of Emmanuel’s five-year term. Macron. And above all, anticipate their expectations, while the outgoing president is not yet officially a candidate.

This method is inspired by the model of the “Great March” which marked the campaign of the outgoing president, a few weeks after its launch in May 2016. Or the “Great March for Europe” in 2018, one year before the European elections .

LaREM's slogan for 2022 is unveiled this Wednesday, October 20, 2021
LaREM’s slogan for 2022 is unveiled this Wednesday, October 20, 2021 © LaREM

A series of nine questions

Here are the questions that the activists are preparing to ask the French.

  1. “Emmanuel Macron has been president for 5 years. Do you have the impression that since 2017 France has rather advanced, or rather retreated?”
  2. “What did you like the most about this five-year term?”
  3. “What has disappointed or irritated you the most about this five-year term?”
  4. “And in your territory (your municipality or your department), in particular, what has changed?”
  5. “What should be in your eyes the priority of the next quinquennium?”
  6. “Imagine you become President of the Republic tomorrow morning. What is the most important step you take? (If necessary, encouragement to think without constraints)”
  7. “How, in a single word, would you describe your feeling about the future?”
  8. “What is your biggest worry, for your personal future or that of your children?”
  9. “What is your greatest source of hope, for your personal future or that of your children?”

“For five years, we have acted, we have a record that the walkers want to promote to our fellow citizens, but that we are going to carry with a lot of humility”, explained Stanislas Guerini to BFMTV last Wednesday, during a meeting with activists. Objective displayed, for the party: “To listen to what people have to tell us about what we have done, what we have not done too, what they would have liked to see in this five-year term.”

Thomas Soulié with Nina Jackowski