July 1, 2022

The SSD designed for survivalists

Imagine a pandemic affects the whole world, the … Not something more violent. Imagine a war between Europe, China and the United States, each for his skin! You leave your home and take a computer, your smartphone, some clothes and your vacation photos with you. Well the scenario is a little weird but you need a secure place to store your photos! It’s the SSD G-Technology ArmorLock, with his survival kit.

We test SSDs and rarely, we do not find some accessories to keep your data safe but also to go for a walk in the forest or even in the jungle at night. Bear Grylls was not walking around with an SSD but with his survival kit all the same. You will add data storage for vacation photos, a small flashlight and a metal multi-tool and you are alone in the face of nature.


Here, the G-Technology Armor Lock arrives with its plastic transport box, equipped with protective foam and three compartments. One is used to store the G-Technology Armor Lock, the other the small flashlight provided and the last slot, the multi-tool in its leatherette pouch, as well as the USB-C cable to connect the SSD to your computer or smartphone.

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Let’s start by talking about the accessories before talking about the G-Technology Secure SSD. In the brand’s logo, there is a small LED flashlight, which illuminates well for its small size. The latter is powered by an AAA battery and there is a slot for a strap on the back of the lamp. It’s always handy if you want to keep it with you or hang it on your key ring.

In the pack, we also have a steel multifunction tool, which serves as a can opener, knife, saw, screwdriver, ruler, bottle opener, butterfly key and many other functions. It’s designed for people who like to go exploring and we’ll admit it, a little gimmicky in the packaging of an external SSD, but still nice. This steel tool comes with its faux leather pouch.

But the main thing is still the ArmorLock, the SSD. This one is decorated with silicone, making it shockproof, not as much as the Lacie Rugged SSD however. We have reflective strips on the front and back, allowing you to see if car headlights are lighting you up at night. Some should be inspired by it instead of walking dressed in black, in the dark night. On the front, we have the G-Technology logo with just above, a strip of LEDs with the state of the SSD, open to connection or closed. To open it, you must connect the dedicated application to your smartphone, iPhone or Android.

The ArmorLock is 3 meter drop tested and IP67 certified, which means it is water and dust resistant. To have it “unfortunately” or rather totally voluntarily dropped several times (not 3 meters), the SSD still works just as well. However, for everyday use, it is not recommended to do drop tests with it. It is a security in the event of a problem, to which is added a 5-year guarantee, as on many SSDs very often.

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G-Technology ArmorLock: Datasheet

Model G-Technology ArmorLock
Type de support SSD
Capacities available 2 To
Available colorsBlack Noir
Interface du SSD NVMe
Computer interface USB-C
Max read speeds 1000 Mo / s
Max write speeds 1000 Mo / s
Connectivity USB 3.2
Certifications IP67, FCC, CE, VCI

Application and Unlock

To use the SSD, you must use the ArmorLock application that you will download from your application store. Once this is done, you accept the license agreement and you follow or skip the little tutorial. Next, you will be asked to name your device, then whether or not to allow access to notifications. I authorized it, for the sake of testing this G-Technology ArmorLock.

Then, you have to press “Add a disk”, you can’t miss it in the middle of the screen. This will only work if you have Bluetooth enabled and the SSD is plugged in and turned on of course. You then authorize access to the camera to scan the QR Code of the SSD in question. Then you need to configure the SSD, with its name, the file system format (under Windows I chose NTFS) and enable or disable location tracking. In the advanced settings, you can choose to authenticate the user via Face ID, which brings even more security. Once done, you format the disk via the application.

Now the disk formatted, we finally have access to the data from the computer, provided of course to have saved the security key provided at the end of the formatting. To unlock the SSD, you need to do it with the application. Locking is done automatically when the SSD is turned off.


In terms of performance, we can already see on the packaging that this SSD offers great promise. Indeed, with speeds of 1000 MB/s announced, we tested the real speeds of this ultra-resistant portable SSD using the CrystalDisk Mark software, as usual. Is the result the same for reading and writing?

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usb-c connector

First of all, you should know that to test this kind of product properly, you need a PC with a USB 3.2 Gen.2 port, in order to take advantage of the maximum start that the SSD can offer. That’s good, that’s what we have, with the Acer Porsche Design currently being tested. We therefore measured satisfactory speeds, both in reading and in writing.

Amount of data 50 Mo 500 Mo 2 Go 8 Go 32 Go
Sequential read speed 979 Mo / s 979 Mo / s 979 Mo / s 979 Mo / s 978 Mo / s
Sequential write speed 1010 Mo / s 1010 Mo / s 1010 Mo / s 1010 Mo / s 1010 Mo / s

What we can already see is that the read speeds are quite good, but do not reach the 1000 MB/s promised by the manufacturer. However, we are around 980 MB / s, which is still very good. But where G-Technology’s ArmorLock pleasantly surprised us was on its write debut, which is a bit higher. Usually, write speeds are a bit slower than read speeds. But here, it’s the opposite with around 30 MB/s more on our test. However, there is exemplary stability in the various benchmarks carried out, the speeds are almost perfectly homogeneous.

In terms of temperatures, the SSD does not heat up too much, we still have room to accommodate all this storage, even if the capacity is 2 TB it should be noted. However, given the fairly large size of the case for an external SSD, the heat is dissipated correctly and we do not encounter any problems of this kind as with the SanDisk Extreme SSD.

Test G-Technology ArmorLock : Avis

This external SSD is fast and efficient, in addition to offering fairly advanced security features, such as unlocking it via a smartphone application. The only concern will be if your smartphone runs out of battery, but that won’t happen very often! We appreciate the supplied USB-C to USB-A dongle, however we would also have appreciated other storage capacities, perhaps a little lower, such as 1 TB.

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Be that as it may, the SSD is robust and resistant, the speeds are good, let’s say, in line with those announced, with some slight weaknesses in reading but not very annoying, and good writing speeds!

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Test G-Technology ArmorLock

G-Technology ArmorLock

The G-Technology ArmorLock is a very good external SSD due to its robust design which makes it resistant to any test. We also appreciate the very good speeds, as well as all the little survival pack provided in the lot. We regret, however, that everything is so nested, a side a little more unibody would not have been refused.

  • Performances
  • Connectivity
  • Manufacturing quality
WE love

  • Very good speeds
  • USB-C to USB-A adapter included
  • Box and “survival” kit
  • Secure data
We love less

  • Obligation to unlock it at each connection