May 25, 2022

The 13 metropolitan start-ups to follow on Viva Technology 2021

Viva Technology, the biggest tech and start-up event in Europe, will take place in “phygital” from June 16 to 19, 2021: one foot in the Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris, the other in the digital platform. Like 13,000 start-ups from 125 countries, the French delegation from the Southern Region will present its 37 young shoots during the event.

Even if Viva Tech is renewed, the pandemic changes some rules of the game: start-ups will have to alternate between face-to-face at the show (two days) and digital (two days). Nevertheless, it will be possible to “network” during the four days, until the end of November thanks to digital support.

An important event for the South Region

“In 2016, we were the first region to participate in Viva Tech. We believed in it from the start ” declares Françoise Bruneteaux, vice-president of the Southern Region in charge of the digital economy and new technologies, during the press conference on May 25 (see also our previous article). This year, she believes that “Viva Tech’s themes are in perfect harmony with the Region’s strategy and core investment” which is betting on focusing on four of them: technology for the environment, mobility-energy, connectivity-5G and then health-well-being.

Out of 120 projects, 37 start-ups were selected for Viva Tech, 32 of which are participating for the first time. As evoked by Vincent Violain, the director of partnerships at Viva Tech, the primary vocation of the event “Is business-centric” to allow start-ups to show off, attract investors and arouse the interest of the public or future partners. With a network of 3,300 investors announced, the South Region “Must attract foreign investment and come and seek the talents of others” enthuses Françoise Bruneteaux.

The 13 metropolitan start-ups at Viva Tech

NepTech (Aix-en-Provence)

NepTech zero emission vessel (Credit: NepTech)

In the phase of a fundraising of 1.2 million euros, NepTech is making a place for itself in bluetech. Its electric propulsion catamaran of 12 by 24 meters, wants to answer “To the problems of congestion and pollution in urban centers” explains Tanguy Goetz, one of the three co-founders. The start-up offers a modular platform of electric ships that comes in three finishes: the NepShuttle (regular passenger transport), the NepCargo (freight transport) and the NepYacht (tourist / leisure transport) that can carry up to 150 passengers or twenty tonnes of goods. Already labeled GreenTech by the Ministry of Ecological Transition and resident at the Arbois nursery, NepTech will take advantage of Viva Tech to promote its 2.5-meter prototype.

Useful link:
NepTech (Aix) makes naval mobility greener

Chargepoly (Aix-en-Provence)

Chargepoly’s refills (Credit: Chargepoly)

Chargepoly, labeled Cap Énergie and Asad Sud-Est, is developing fast, smart and optimized charging stations for electric vehicle fleets. Chargepoly’s Multi-VE Station is designed for “Process fast charging in the same place according to an intelligent priority schedule” indicates Hadi Moussavi, the creator. He continues that ” this solution is important for communities ” because it can recharge a vehicle in 15 minutes minimum and half an hour maximum. The young company announces that it wants to raise 800,000 euros in equity funds (process over a few months).

Erylon (Aix-en-Provence)

Clean-Kong robots (Credit: DR)

Erylon is developing the first industrial glass facade cleaning robot called “Clean-Kong”. Knowing that the number of glazed buildings increases by 20% each year, the start-up can be optimistic. Clean-Kong was designed with an ecological concern since it consumes only three liters of pure water per 100 m2, and with a societal concern because it avoids employee exposure to work at height.

Maca (Aix-en-Provence)

Carcopter flying vehicle developed by MACA (Credit: Maca)

After attending CES Las Vegas 2021, Maca returns to Viva Tech with his hydrogen powered vehicle. The Aix-based start-up, which has been developing its prototype for three years, had planned the release of its prototype (scale 1/3 to 2.5 meters) at the end of 2021 with a fundraising of 300,000 euros which is underway. Viva Tech will be the opportunity for Maca to present the machine in virtual reality: “With their laptop, people will be able to inspect the machine” indicates the co-founder Thierry de Boisvilliers to Gomet ‘.