May 26, 2022

Shift Technology enriches its offer

Algorithms are a decision aid for insurers.

Shift Technology, a company specializing in artificial intelligence, now offers an offer to help insurers make decisions in the areas of underwriting, subrogation and compliance.

Shift Technology, a young French company specializing in data processing, offers new solutions for insurers. In addition to its historical projects such as fraud detection and claims automation, Shift is enriching its offering in other aspects of the insurance contract life cycle.

Shift is therefore launching three new solutions which should make it possible to automate certain decisions in the fields of underwriting, subrogation and the detection of financial crime.

In the area of ​​underwriting, the algorithm makes it possible to detect risk statements that are inaccurate or non-compliant. ” Alerts reduce the number of fraudulent policies, avoid unwanted risks and offer appropriate premiums ”, According to the company.

In the field of subrogation, Shift enables the possibilities of recourse to third parties to be identified quickly and precisely. ” This technology not only makes it possible to find statements for which recourse is possible, but also to generate cases leading to action based on concrete evidence. The result is a reduction in claims costs, an improvement in the claims / premiums ratio, and a saving of time allowing the claims team to focus on the relationship with the insured. », Indicates a press release.

Finally, in the area of ​​financial crime, Shift allows insurers to ” better understand the status of all participants in their ecosystems, including employees, in order to identify and investigate potential illegal behavior, including money laundering ».