January 26, 2022

OCTO Technology revisits the job interview – E-recruitment & job sites

From the candidates’ point of view, all digital service companies (DSEs) are more or less alike. And recruiters in this very tense sector have all the trouble in the world to make their difference heard.

OCTO Technology, which expects 140 recruitments in 2018, knows a lot about this. In accordance with its baseline – « There is a better way » -, this consulting firm in new technologies with some 400 employees (which fell into the fold of Accenture last year) has therefore recently questioned its practice of job interviews.

« Whether they are recruited or not, we wanted our candidates to experience an “experiential” adventure that will make them grow, while giving them an idea of ​​what they might experience when they come to us. », Says Géraldine Carbonne, recruiting manager. The result ? Three formats ofà la carte interview with HR, aiming to bring out ” candidates able to flourish in the company ».

Pencil in your skills

Potential recruits ” written deductions »Therefore have the choice, for the first oral of the hiring process, between a classic interview, an interactive exchange based on a motivational card set – adapted from the Moving Motivators management tool – in which case he will have to classify the values ​​that are important to him in a professional context, or an exercise called ” draw me your profile “During which the candidate has a quarter of an hour to sketch out his skills and his project using a” creativity box »Containing markers, post-it notes and other stickers.

« Some candidates prefer to stay in their comfort zone with a classic interview, others want to challenge themselves and have fun. Whatever formula is chosen, none is discriminating. A last-minute turnaround is not blocking either, since it can just as easily lead to a full interview. »

Discussion support

« The drawing that the candidate must then present to us is only a discussion support, she continues. But that’s another way of presenting yourself, which requires you to be synthetic. In the same spirit, the cards allow the person we receive to formalize what is important to them, therefore to identify their motivation levers.. »

Once this step is completed, the process continues in the classic way: a peer interview for the validation of business skills, then a last with the manager responsible for assessing the potential ofintegration in L’team.

OCTO Technology uses drawing method for a year and claims to have positive feedback from candidates, who ” often take pictures of their achievement “. They also appreciate having a choice.


Géraldine Carbonne does not rule out the possibility of bias, but no more than in any interview with recruitment classic: “ It is a role play: the candidates are driven by a social desirability and this is quite normal. The important thing is that we are aware of our own biases, to be as objective as possible.. »

The company has also set up a training program the conduct of interviews intended for all employees, who will, moreover, soon be introduced to the diversity. The consulting company does not intend to stop there. Six months after setting up workshops for design thinking with employees on the candidate’s ideal path, the HR team, which has around ten members, is now working on HR innovation workshops to rethink all of the processes.

Helene Truffaut

Géraldine Carbonne, recruitment manager at OCTO Technology.