May 24, 2022

Neunaber Technology unveils its new reverb, Illumine

At first glance, the Illumine, the newest creation from Neunaber Technology, doesn’t quite look like a traditional stompbox. Its fairly compact chassis accommodates a screen, two foot switches and only two knobs. The pedal has no less than 17 reverb algorithms, from the most classic (Plate, Room), to the most stellar. The pedal comes with fifty factory presets carefully crafted by the brand so you can use the pedal right out of the box. Fifty other locations are available to store your own presets. The preset management software allows you to organize all this as well as possible.

The pedal is stereo input and output and integrates the MIDI protocol on TRS mini-jack plugs. Another mini-jack plug allows you to use an expression pedal with the Illumine. However, the brand has equipped its pedal with a very well thought-out expression engine and you can, thanks to the A / B foot switch, switch from one preset to another by varying the transition time. The audio engine that generates and processes the reverb algorithms is obviously digital, but the signal is routed from input to output without conversion. Depending on the brand, this allows one to overcome latency and maintain the integrity of the audio signal.

Illumine Reverb

Illumine can be used with Line or Instrument levels thanks to its adjustable gain level which is well thought out.

Finally, a big advantage of Illumine and not the least, the pedal consumes 100mA which is very little for a reverb. Made in California at Neunaber Technology’s premises, Illumine will be available at the end of August for a special price of $ 379. The latter will then be $ 479.

Go to the product page to see audio clips of all the algorithms.