May 14, 2022

[Le pitch du lundi] Discover the start-up Illuin Technology, which brings AI to businesses

Illuin Technology brings its know-how in artificial intelligence to companies. “If we compare an artificial intelligence and a human, the latter will have much less capacity in terms of the volume of information processing, expliqué wacie Belblidia, responsable given to science d’Illuin Technology. In most cases, AI is a great addition to a human, for making a decision or analyzing a situation. “

If AI is a topic more and more discussed, it is still sometimes necessary to explain to prospects what it is and what we can ask of it. This does not prevent Illuin Technology from working with SMEs as well as large groups. The company has even developed a “studio” for start-ups. Wacim Belblidia assures us that what characterizes the company is to try to “move advanced AI technologies as quickly as possible in an industrial context“In this pitch, he looks back on recent research carried out by this start-up, which employs 50 people.

Identity record

  • Category : Artificial intelligence
  • Creation date : Mars 2017
  • Location (head office and others) : Neuilly sur Seine
  • Effective : 50 people
  • 2020 turnover : 5,8 M€
  • Fundraising (amount and main shareholders) : –
  • Competitions won and other distinctions :

    • Listed in the “100 startups to invest in” by Challenges,
    • 2 Scientific publications received at the EMNLP 2020 international fair