May 22, 2022

IQ-EQ chooses Yardi Technology to evolve its real estate platform

Global investor services provider to use innovative solution as part of its international offering

LUXEMBOURG, Feb. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Leading investor services provider IQ-EQ has chosen Yardi® as its global real estate fund management platform.

IQ-EQ will implement Yardi® Investment Accounting, as part of the sequel Yardi® Investment Suite, to digitize investment accounting and further streamline reporting for complex, cross-border real estate investment structures.

The company will use the platform for all of its global operations.

“Thanks to the strong demand from clients for real estate services, we felt that the time had come to set up a dedicated accounting platform for real estate in order to support the work carried out by our teams specialized in this field. As Yardi is the leader in helping businesses navigate the complexities of this industry, we felt it was the perfect fit for IQ-EQ,” said Neil Synnott, APAC Client Services Manager, for IQ-EQ. Real estate investment structures are becoming increasingly multi-jurisdictional: local needs and reporting requirements differ greatly. Data collection, storage and quality are essential for efficient customer service and administration across borders.

“The merger of Yardi Investment Accounting with IQ-EQ Cosmos, our investment solutions platform, creates a technology environment that enhances our operational processes and enables real-time access to detailed, high-quality portfolio data for our clients,” continues Synnott.

“Yardi’s investment suite will help IQ-EQ navigate market complexities, reporting and local jurisdictional requirements,” said Neal Gemassmer, International Vice President of Yardi. “Yardi’s technology will help the group deliver an improved and more efficient service experience to IQ-EQ customers. We look forward to working closely with the IQ-EQ team as they continue to grow their global real estate services offering. »

Find out how the Yardi Investment Suite can help you make more informed trading decisions through automated investment accounting, performance measurement and financial reporting.

About IQ-EQ

IQ-EQ is a leading investor services group employing over 3,600 people in 24 jurisdictions around the world. The company brings together a rare combination of global technical expertise and a deep understanding of its customers’ needs. IQ-EQ has the knowledge and know-how for its clients (fund managers, multinational corporations, family offices and private clients operating worldwide). For more information, visit the website

About Yardi

Yardi® develops and supports industry-leading investment and real estate management software for all types and sizes of real estate companies. Founded in 1984, Yardi is headquartered in Santa Barbara, California, and serves customers worldwide from offices in Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and in North America. For more information, visit the website Yardi.EU.

Leading investor services provider IQ-EQ has chosen Yardi® as its international real estate fund management platform.