May 24, 2022

How Creative Technology views tech from another perspective

Creative Technology proposes to consider tech from an angle that promotes and increases the creativity and the value of the products and services designed. What are the key principles for a company wishing to adopt this creative vision of technology?

The ideal user experience is possible thanks to the alliance of two strengths and two categories of talents: Design Creatives who place people, diversity and sustainability at the heart of the design; and Creative Technologists, who bring this concept to life. Indeed, in our digital world, design without technology would be the equivalent of a very beautiful car … without an engine.

# 1 stay one step ahead

The rapid evolution of digital technology requires being at the forefront of emerging technologies for more innovation, efficiency, better tech / design collaboration, etc. Geoffrey A. Moore suggests a technology adoption curve, which allows forassess the technological maturity of a company. The role of a Creative Technologist is to evangelize his company or his clients to new technologies, to identify with them the emerging levers of innovation and to position them as Innovators or Early Adopters, in order to stay one step ahead of their competitors.

# 2 Code is an asset

Companies invest time, money and technical and / or commercial know-how in the development of their digital assets. The code therefore “encapsulates” differentiating and strategic elements. Special care is crucial: every line of code is a potential asset, a critical piece of intellectual property. The objective is therefore for the client to be able to maintain this asset effectively and to keep control of its intellectual property, in particular through the use of Open Source components and frameworks.

# 3 Build a strategy stack

The choice of a stack technique is a strategic decision: no need to rush into the latest trending techno, but you have to make sure that this stack allows you to stay at the forefront of innovation and challenge / update it regularly.

A stack must be scalable in order to exploit the latest innovations and consistent to be able to align with the company’s strategy. It must also be attractive to talent and help retain them, because talented developers today know how to precisely and proactively manage their skills and employability.

The choice of components of the stack must guarantee control of the intellectual property of the code. Firms must all become to varying degrees Software Companies and the control of their software assets will have a direct impact on their valuation.

The stack must also offer new possibilities for creativity at each stage of the value chain: interactions, transactions, scalability, artificial intelligence modules, etc.

Finally, the emergence of new stacks, such as full stack JavaScript opens up new possibilities to make the code more fluid and position it where it creates the most value, “At the Edge”, in close proximity with customers on smartphones and new devices or in the Cloud.

# 4 A single architecture, business-oriented

In order to maximize creativity and increase the flow of innovation, Creative Technologists are constantly researching perfect alignment with the product vision. Architecture is the cornerstone of this alignment process, because it sets up modularity and a common language between the product, design and technical teams, making it possible to name these modules unambiguously. This Lingua Franca facilitates mutual understanding between teams and enables innovations to be put into service at an accelerated pace.

# 5 Desirable, achievable, viable, sustainable

By working in cross-functional teams (business x product x design x tech x data), Creative Technologists can go beyond mastering “how” to design a product. They are attentive to the “what” aimed at by the product team, while being aware of the “why” the business team wants to achieve this objective, which becomes crucial at a time when sustainability and the search for meaning are key concerns. . This state of mind allows design a product that is both desirable, feasible, viable and sustainable.

# 6 Creativity boosts performance

As technology has become a critical component of innovation and customer retention, companies need to make significant investments to stay competitive.

Pure Players such as Netflix have measured a factor of productivity x10 thanks to a creative approach to technology, against a factor x2 with a classic industrial approach.

# 7 Look for talent density

To get the maximum impact on digital projects, Pure Players always favor talent density and not quantity. When the product, design and tech teams work together in a fluid manner and with a high level of expertise, you achieve optimal speed and a crossed perspective on the project, where each profession brings an angle of view that enriches that of its colleagues.

Finally, the mantra of Netflix in its famous memo “Freedom & Responsibility Culture” could not be more accurate: “A great place to work is made up of great colleagues.”

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