May 24, 2022

EASYBUZINESS analyzes the Vontobel Clean Technology fund for you: Regularity, Competitiveness and Performance – PATRIMOINE24

If your investors wish to invest on an ecological theme while avoiding “Greewashing” and without sacrificing the return on their capital, we believe that the Vontobel Clean Technology fund ticks all the boxes.

This fund, created in November 2008, aims to promote renewable energies, drinking water, waste management, clean technologies, future mobility, smart buildings, efficient management of resources and recycling.

To make the topic more concrete, investors can also measure the impact of their investments through a calculator called Clean-Tech.

Like many thematic funds, outstandings have accelerated sharply in recent years, Vontobel Clean Technology is no exception, dropping from 94 million in 2014 to 1,600 billion today.

Despite its size, the fund maintains the same regularity and competitiveness in its competitive environment.

In 2014, Easybuziness already qualified this fund as “good” with good marks for consistency and competitiveness around 13/20 and a very good performance score of 16/20.

In 2017, we confirmed our position with even better marks.

Easybuziness2 2409

And as of 08/30/2021, despite a slump in 2018 in its competitive environment, the fund’s consistency and competitiveness are still there. We are therefore maintaining our position of strong interest in this fund.

Easybuziness3 2409

On the performance side, the fund clearly beats the median of funds in its category (positive difference in green) with less volatility (risk column) over the period from 09/01/2018 to 08/31/2021.

Easybuziness4 2409

And it beats its benchmark the MSCI WORLD NR.

The net performances effectively demonstrate the fund’s ability to beat its benchmark index.

In 2020 (28% vs. 6.3%), over 3 years (22% vs. 14.4%), over 5 years (15.9% vs. 13.5%) and over 10 years (15.59% vs. 14.39%) on an annualized basis as of 31 August 2021.

Since the launch, the fund has posted a performance of 505% against 405% for the index.

In conclusion, a fund that builds its performance with regularity, for which the return objective is not sacrificed even if one wishes to give these investments a responsible aspect.

Isin of the fund: LU0384405600

Claude Cadeau for Easybuziness.

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