June 30, 2022

DXC Technology Enables Copa Airlines Transformation Through Modernization and Migration of Passenger Service System Via Cloud Right ™ Approach

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) announced today that it has signed a multi-year renewal contract with Copa Airlines, a leading Latin American airline. This contract aims to modernize the Passenger Service System (PSS) and migrate it entirely to the public cloud, without business disruption. DXC, together with its strategic partner Microsoft, Copa, will lead this transformative initiative.

This new agreement will accelerate Copa’s digital transformation by providing the airline with a flexible, modular and open central IT platform. This modern platform will fully support the integration of third-party applications into Copa’s IT ecosystem. The airline will thus be able to improve the experience for customers and staff.

DXC will apply its Cloud Right ™ approach to help Copa quickly maximize the benefits and value of cloud modernization. With Cloud Right, DXC helps clients maximize the value of cloud and IT modernization, by leveraging and managing existing investments. The Company also ensures the optimal use of on-premises, private and public cloud environments to achieve business objectives.

“We are delighted to have been able to benefit from another major transformation in the cloud,” said Jim Brady, president, Americas, DXC Technology. “Our expertise in developing a specific IP repository will allow us to help Copa transform quickly and accurately, resulting in an automated migration conversion rate of almost 99.5%. ”

With extensive experience in the travel industry and a comprehensive understanding of all of Copa’s IT, DXC transforms all passenger service applications running on the existing framework and environment on site, which it migrates to the public cloud. DXC chose Microsoft Azure because of its strength and experience with central migrations.

“We have already integrated our services and data layers into DXC’s PSS platform and used it to also integrate our own digital experience as well as the third-party components that power our flexible purchasing, merchandising and re-distribution capability ( NDC) ”, says Julio Toro Silva, Director of Information Systems at Copa Airlines. “The move of the PSS service to the Microsoft Azure Cloud will now lead to a significant increase in the scalability of the integration at a lower cost. It will also provide us with the flexibility of cloud development tools and practices, which will enable modularization and continuous modernization of PSS components. ”

“Other mainframe application migration projects have come to fruition over the years, but Microsoft and DXC are breaking new ground in bringing a high-performance airline application directly and in bulk to the public cloud,” says Daniel Verswyvel , Microsoft’s Managing Director for Central America, before adding: “The airline industry and several other industries will benefit from this expertise.”

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About Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines, a subsidiary of Copa Holdings (NYSE: CPA), is a leading Latin American provider of passenger and freight air transport services. The company serves North, Central and South America and the Caribbean from its Americas hub located in Panama City, Panama. Copa enjoys wide international recognition from FlightStats and OAG for its outstanding service and punctuality. FlightGlobal has also awarded Copa Airlines the 2020 Award for “Decade of Excellence in Air Transport” for the Latin America region.

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