May 24, 2022

CHATEAURENARD: LUIS Technology brings security technologies to France

Trucks changing direction can pose a hazard in city centers if road users such as pedestrians and cyclists are not recognized in time due to poor visibility from the cab and a collision occurs .

LUIS Technology brings security technologies to France

To counter this danger, more and more European fleets are equipping their trucks with direction change assistants; the demand for these life-saving technologies is also increasing in France. The German company LUIS Technology, based in Hamburg, already offers a very effective solution in this area with its turn assistant “TURN DETECT”. It has now entered into a partnership for the French market with Electro Maintenance SA, in Châteaurenard-de-Provence. The EU makes it compulsory for trucks to be equipped with a steering assist: from 2022 for new vehicle models and from 2024 for newly registered vehicles. The corresponding regulations also stipulate the specifications that the assistants must present. Thus, a system consisting only of a camera and a monitor is not sufficient – ​​an active warning must be guaranteed by visual or audible signals. The LUIS change of direction assistants fulfill these criteria in an optimal way.

LUIS Technology contributes to more security in France

Hamburg-based LUIS Technology was the first vendor to introduce the qualifying turn assistant ‘TURN DETECT’ to the German market and in mid-March 2019 became the first vendor to receive the General Operating Permit (ABE) from the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA). Since its market launch in 2018, more than 20,000 turn assistants have already been sold in Germany. Many companies also already rely on the powerful systems of LUIS Technology on Austrian roads. The LUIS Technology system is thus used not only by large supermarket chains, but also by goods deliverers and municipal services. “With “TURN DETECT”, we currently have the most complete, safest and most innovative system on the market. Even major truck manufacturers offer our turn assistants as optional equipment,” say Martin Groschke and Matthias Feistel, managing partners of LUIS Technology. “The strong demand in Germany and Austria has led us to increase our production capacities. We are therefore well prepared for the additional distribution also in France. ”


Radar, ultrasonic and camera-based turn assistants are available on the market. While radar and camera-based systems can distinguish cyclists from other objects and only sound an alarm when danger is imminent, ultrasonic systems also detect static objects such as parked cars or poles. traffic lights, which, however, can lead to many nuisance alarms. The driver’s attention is affected.
The LUIS system, which is independent of vehicle model and category and can be retrofitted with little effort, works more efficiently here: It is based on a camera and software and filters out static objects. Compared to ultrasonic and radar systems, the LUIS system can also easily reach the “second row” and detects cyclists riding up to six meters to the side of the truck. And it is precisely these cyclists who are particularly at risk. According to the results of a study by the Federal Roads Office (Bundesanstalt für Straßenwesen) in Germany, 70% of direction change accidents involve collisions with these cyclists. In the meantime, LUIS Technology is already working here with the third generation of its system software. It has been constantly improved, mainly through feedback and the implementation of the wishes of truck drivers, and aims to stand out clearly from the competition in terms of quality.

A new system for another problem

Another study carried out in Germany by the Accident Research Service of the Insurance Industry (UDV) shows that the area directly in front of the driver’s cab is also difficult, if not impossible, to see on many heavy goods vehicles. This situation constitutes a high danger, especially for pedestrians, if they are not seen when the truck starts. In addition to the direction assistant, a new LUIS Technology system is to monitor both blind spots simultaneously and warn the driver acoustically and visually accordingly.

One partner, 1,500 points of sale

For the French market, Electro Maintenance SA immediately takes over the distribution of LUIS innovations. Founded in 1978 and based in Châteaurenard-de-Provence, the company has proven to be the ideal French partner for LUIS, as it specializes in accessories and equipment for industrial vehicles. The supplier of electrical, hydraulic and on-board signaling solutions is present on the spare parts and equipment manufacturers market throughout France and is easily accessible thanks to its 1,500 points of sale. LUIS will thus also guarantee the best advice on the French market.

About LUIS Technology GmbH

LUIS has proven itself as a reliable and successful partner for German car manufacturers and various application sectors. The Hamburg-based company, founded in 1999, offers individual and customer-oriented security solutions in the field of camera surveillance systems and driver assistance systems. Through a comprehensive and rigorous quality assurance process, which includes 100% individual testing, all LUIS products are backed by a 48-month warranty. With its range of products, LUIS is committed to reducing accidents, injuries and property damage in road traffic.

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