July 2, 2022

BioTech: Acticor Technology is working on a treatment for severe forms of Covid-19

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French investors abandon BioTech

Founded in 2013, Acticor Biotech is developing a drug candidate for acute ischemic stroke. Gilles Avenard, CEO of Acticor Biotech, announces in GOOD MORNING that the company is also developing and testing a treatment for severe forms of Covid-19. ” Our antibody can treat severe forms of Covid-19. We have submitted a clinical trial protocol on 60 patients in Brazil and France. A first result should arrive during the second quarter of 2021 ″, highlights Gilles Avenard at our microphone.

The biotech sector is still neglected by French investors. ” The financing of biotechs and more particularly of biotechs developing drug candidates is always difficult in France because it is a very high risk area and in which there has not been a great deal of success in the last 20 years. For the moment, the ecosystem is less favorable in France than in the United States but also than in European countries such as Belgium ”, says the CEO of Acticor Biotech.

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Afyren, the industrial start-up

Afyren is a biotech, which produces bio-based molecules intended in particular for the human nutrition and cosmetics market. These molecules aim to reduce the use of petroleum derivatives in these sectors while considerably reducing CO2 emissions. Nicolas Sordet, president and co-founder of Afyren, announces the construction of their first plant: a biorefinery with the objective of zero waste and low carbon in the Grand Est region.

Afyren was founded in 2012. “ During these first 8 years, we had this industrial objective. In our first factory, we will hire around 50 people. We aim to build our factories and operate them. We want to build two complementary factories in the coming years ”, claims Nicolas Sordet.

The Afyren Neoxy factory is the result of an industrial joint venture between Afyren and the SPI fund of Bpifrance which holds 49% of the capital. Funding of more than 80 million euros from public and private support, including the European Community, the Grand Est region were necessary for the realization of this project as well as two years of preparation.

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