May 23, 2022

Between Lectra and Gerber Technology, the case is heard

The French specialist in machines and software for the fashion industry Lectra announced Thursday that it had signed an acquisition contract with a subsidiary of American Industrial Partners to buy the American Gerber Technology. The operation, which was announced in early February, was approved Thursday, March 25 by Lectra’s board of directors.


The contract follows the memorandum of understanding signed between the two structures on February 8. Lectra will acquire Gerber Technology for 175 million euros, financed by a loan of 140 million euros, by the group’s treasury and by the issue of five million new shares for the benefit of AIPCF VI LG, the shareholder unique company of Gerber Technology.

For more than 50 years, it has provided automated and integrated software and hardware solutions to companies in 134 countries, including 100 companies in the Fortune 500 ranking.

With 1,700 employees and 34 international subsidiaries, Lectra intends to form with Gerber a key player in hardware and software equipment for textile manufacturers.

“By signing the Gerber Technology acquisition contract, we have taken an important step in our plan to create a major player in Industry 4.0 for the fashion, automotive and furniture markets” , welcomed Daniel Harari, CEO of Lectra, who will eventually hold 14.6% of Lectra’s shares, against 13.3% for AIPCF VI LG.

Lectra announced a few days ago that it had generated 236 million euros in revenue in 2020, down 14%. The structure expects a return to 2019 levels during the current financial year, while the acquisition of Gerber will strengthen the group’s offer through synergies. Gerber’s 2020 turnover is 165 million euros.

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