May 23, 2022

Bayeux. Now Probent Technology, the former Sominex company is looking bigger and recruiting

Sébastien Cuquemelle, president of the Probent group, and Ludovic Letouzé, managing director, at the Bayeux site where Sominex has become the company Probent Technology.

A specialist in precision mechanics, Sominex was taken over in January 2020 by the Probent group to become Probent Technology. TO Bayeux (Calvados), the group, in full swing, is recruiting.

In September 2018, in Cherbourg, Sébastien Cuquemelle, Ludovic Letouzé and Philippe Le Rossignol took over the NSB company, with 36 employees. In January 2021, the NSB-Probent structure represented 140 jobs, spread over different sites in the Paris region, in Manche and in Calvados. In Bayeux, and Colombelles. But also in Sydney, Australia, giving the Probent group an international dimension. “We have recruited an employee whom we have never seen apart from videoconferences! », Says Sébastien Cuquemelle, president of the group.

“Reach 200 employees by 2022”

In just three years, and notably by taking over the Sominex plant in Bayeux, the Probent group has achieved impressive growth. With 13 million euros in turnover in 2020, and prospects that command respect.

We have the objective of 20 million euros in turnover in 2021, and the wish to reach 200 employees in 2022.

Sebastien cuquemellepresident of Probent

Sominex (Bayeux) became the Probent Trechnology company, contributing to the growth of the group, which thus diversified its catalog. “We can thus take market share in places in which we had only a weak presence”. The activity of the Probent group is based on the ability to carry out projects from A to Z in areas ranging from aeronautics to nuclear (39% of activity), including scientific research (13% of ‘activity).

Winner of the Recovery Plan, Probent has the capacity to invest in a new machine which will join its Colombelles site, specializing in electronics. “We carry out electronic card prototyping”. By hand. “But when we have an order, the customer asks for a pre-run of 5,000 to 10,000 cards, not fifty.”

Sominex (Bayeux) became the Probent Trechnology company, contributing to the growth of the group, which thus diversified its catalog. (The Renaissance Le Bessin)

It is therefore impossible to respond to such a request by working manually.

This is why we are going to be able to buy a machine which realizes is capable of placing the electronic components on the board. The production speed depends on the density of the components that make up the board.

Probent Technology struggles to recruit

A machine made in France and costing € 600,000, which the State Recovery Plan allows to finance at 50%. “We are thus saving nearly three years on our investments”. But the strength of Probent, in particular its Bayerian subsidiary Probent Technology, lies in its human know-how.

And the company is lacking in arms. “In Bayeux, our specialty is precision mechanics and welding which allow the machining of vacuum chambers, parts intended for scientific research”, explains the president. With 45 employees, Probent Technology is struggling to recruit the few jobs that could make the difference. “Including boilermaker and welder positions. But also logisticians ”.

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