January 18, 2022

A. Derhy (Paris School of Technology & Business): “We must prepare our students for both tech and business skills”

Paris School of Technology & Business associates, as its name suggests, technology and business. Why this creation?

The tech sector (cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, e-health, foodtech, etc.) has experienced dizzying growth in recent years. This is the starting point for the creation of this new school. The digital evolutions underway in companies show that they need to rely on the recruitment of graduates who are equipped with business and IT skills.

In France, the grandes écoles include business schools on one side and engineering schools on the other. If we look at the Anglo-Saxon model, there are already hybrid schools in tech and business. Institutions obviously offer hybrid programs in France between business and engineering schools, but very few schools offer this dual expertise. Based on this observation, we have decided, within the Galileo group, to launch Paris School of Technology & Business.

What will be the pedagogical model of this new school?

We will offer three programs: bachelor, master and MBA. Whatever the course chosen by the student, he will have both business, tech and humanities courses during his training. Once the common base has been transmitted to the students, they will be able to choose a course with a tech or business coloring. Our objective is to set up a gradual hybridization rather than additional as we could traditionally have in double degrees at the end of the cycle of a large school.

We also offer new specializations that are not very present in the Grandes Ecoles market in France. Especially in agritech or fintech. We will also find cybersecurity and artificial intelligence. Almost half of the lessons will be traditional face-to-face and the other half of the lessons will be in the form of interactive pedagogy (masterclass, hackathon…). Once a year there will also be a “learning expedition” integrated into the course which can take place in Dublin, Shenzhen or even in Silicon Valley.

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What business skills do students need to develop?

Today, we need to combine marketing with mastery of data. We need this ability to build data, organize it and analyze it in order to draw conclusions. Another skill is the ability to set up tech projects for companies or to protect networks and architectures. It is important to have an acute awareness of the risk of data loss and to be able to provide solutions.

Will the graduates have a vocation to work in France or rather internationally?

Our priority is to train for France. At the start of his five-year term, the President of the Republic set a target of 27 unicorns – new technology companies whose valuation reaches at least one billion dollars – by 2025. Today, we have reached the number of 21 unicorns. This shows that the tech sector has significantly evolved in France.

Paris School of Technology & Business offers double degrees with engineering schools (Efrei Paris) or business schools (Paris School of Business), and universities (Université Paris-Créteil). At the international level, we also have agreements in Australia, Canada, the United States, England, Ireland. It is therefore not impossible that after obtaining these double degrees, a certain number of students evolve within these countries.

Aivancity welcomed its first class of students in September. Paris School of Technology & Business will open in September 2022. Does the hybridization of management and technology represent the future?

We strongly believe in it. This trend was already underway in view of the number of double courses offered in business and engineering schools. We are in a world where tech occupies an increasingly important place. We need to prepare our students for this dual tech and business skill. This is the whole promise of our school: to train the “tech leaders” of tomorrow.

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In March 2022, Paris School of Technology & Business should join the Cyber ​​Campus, this place desired by the President of the Republic to bring together the main national and international players in the field. What will this bring you?

Our school will participate in cybersecurity courses. A hacking room will be available to students to allow them to simulate attacks and be able to defend themselves. Professionals will lead cybersecurity training modules. This new ecosystem will allow the sharing of good practices. We will also be able to combine the fields of expertise of the various member establishments of the Cyber ​​Campus to respond to national or European calls for tenders.

From the start of the 2022 school year, your school will be located in the cities of Paris, Strasbourg and Montpellier. Why this choice ?

Our ambition is to be present on the national territory. The Galileo group is established in several cities in France. The directors of the schools present in Montpellier and Strasbourg very quickly wanted to offer this new school on their territory. It is not a risky bet to open several campuses at the same time. We rely on existing structures when we want to develop in the regions. And we have know-how that we share within the Galileo group. It is up to us to convince the public of the merits of this establishment and then put in the necessary resources to ensure this growth.

But, beyond these cities, we also want to develop six campuses in France and two international campuses. We are working with China and Thailand. We believe that there are strong development prospects in these countries. These international establishments will be built in partnership with a local establishment.