November 28, 2021

Steve McQueen’s infidelity saved his life in 1969 when Sharon Tate was killed

One of the most notable faces and screen appearances of all time in Hollywood, Steve McQueen escaped murder by the followers of Charles Manson because he “ran into a chick.”

Born María Ruby Neilam Arrastia y Salvador in the capital of the Philippines, Neile Adams arrived in America in 1948 after spending three years in a concentration camp in Japanese-occupied Manila.

After studying dance in New York City and changing her name to Neile Adams – her father’s maiden name – she was hired as a dancer in “Kismet” in 1953 and “Pajama Game”, two Broadway hits in the the 50’s.

When she and McQueen first met, she told the National Post, it was love at first sight. The connection was almost instantaneous, so the couple couldn’t wait and decided to tie the knot four months later.

They both came from a similar background when it comes to family matters. Neither has known his father and both have a distant relationship with their mother. Adams, however, had healed and dealt with her past better than her late husband.

Adams revealed that McQueen never really got over his feeling of abandonment. The actor was sent to a reformatory at the age of 14 by his violent stepfather.

When they met and married, Adams was the star, and McQueen was just a struggling actor. Things changed after their marriage, however, and Adams became a wife and stay-at-home mom. She gave up her career to take care of their two children, Terry and Chad.

Her first leading role is in the low budget horror film “The Blob”. The actor quickly rose to stardom with the 1960 film “The Seven Mercenaries”, in which he attracted the full attention of the film’s main star due to his heavy screen presence.

McQueen also became a Hollywood sensation with the following list of films: “The Great Escape” (1963), “The Thomas Crown Affair” (1968) and “Bullitt” (1968).

With a tough, sexy and unique personality and a deep, deep voice on screens, often with a cigarette hanging down the side of his mouth, McQueen is causing a stir in Hollywood.

Soon he and Adams became A-listers, most notably at a party held in honor of Princess Margaret and her husband, Lord Snowdon, in Los Angeles in 1965. The couple shared the guest list with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton.

Adams took the risk to say that the princess could have had a crush on him, after all, according to her, “everyone was doing it”.

McQueen’s astronomical success also sparked his cheating side. Just four months after marrying Adams, the actor began an affair with his co-star Lita Milan in “Never Love a Stranger”.

He even bragged about having slept with several other great actresses. But the problem does not end there. McQueen’s drug addiction worsens and after the incident on the night of 1969, the end is near.

McQueen was scheduled to attend a dinner with his friend and hairstylist Jay Sebring, at actress Sharon Tate’s house. Instead, the actor “ran into a chick and decided to go with her.” Adams revealed to the National Post:

“Going with this girl saved his life. After that he became more paranoid and wouldn’t let me go anywhere without a gun.”

Tate, Sebring, and four other friends were brutally murdered by followers of the Manson cult that night. Adams and McQueen’s marriage ended in 1970, when McQueen flew to France for a film project and informed his former wife that ladies “from all over the world were coming to see him.”

Fueled by jealousy for some reason, the iconic Hollywood star asked Adams if she had ever been unfaithful to him. She shared the details of her brief affair with him, but McQueen couldn’t bear the thought of being cheated on.

He took a gun, pointed it at Adams’s head and asked him to name his lover. McQueen couldn’t bear the thought of betrayal, even though he was the one who had many extramarital affairs.

Adams said it had to do with his childhood traumas of dropping out:

“He trusted me as much as he could trust anyone and put me on a pedestal so high that when I fell I fell with a loud thud.”

After the divorce in 1971, McQueen remarried twice and, ironically, Adams became his mistress. It didn’t last long, although Adams found it “comfortable but weird.” McQueen later remarried a week before Adams’ wedding.

McQueen died in November 1980 at the age of 50, before the early death of his daughter Terry in 1988. The Hollywood star lost her battle with cancer, even though the operation was deemed successful.

Terry McQueen died at just 38 after complications from kidney transplant surgery. Adams said his death before his daughter’s death was a blessing:

“He was absolutely crazy about her and seeing our daughter die would have destroyed him. It almost destroyed me.”

Adams’ second husband, Alvin Toffel, died in March 2005. She said she didn’t want to remarry because she didn’t want to take care of anyone other than her children and grandsons. children.

The former Broadway dancer shared that she still thinks of McQueen every day and that on her birthday she has a habit of going to church and lighting a candle for him.

McQueen is eternal and his legacy lives on. He is remembered for his iconic roles, and he played a role in Quentin Tarantino’s film “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, played by actor Damian Lewis. In the film, he is seen at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion, where he meets his late friend Tate.

As for McQueen’s enduring status, when Adams was asked about McQueen’s “legend” status and enduring popularity, she wasn’t surprised because he “was the real deal.”


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