January 26, 2022

work in the field of sport

Why is sport becoming such a hot business? Teleworking is taking up more and more space. This new reality increases the risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. To cope, consumers are turning more and more often to gyms or call on sports coaches. Admittedly, a decline of 7% in sports-related spending was observed in 2020. It was then the aftermath of the health crisis. Today, the sector is revitalizing again.

Relieved to be able to resume a normal life, consumers want to resume regular physical activity and adopt a better lifestyle. This desire for change gives real impetus to the sports field, which is becoming a business in vogue.

Business in vogue: what are the favorite sports of the French?

Walking and swimming are two must-haves. These activities are undoubtedly the favorite sport of the French. The French also love jogging, winter sports and pétanque. These sports are accessible to all and allow you to exercise without too much investment. Generally speaking, men do not enjoy the same sports activities as women. The latter are more fond of dancing and tennis. Men, on the other hand, prefer football, cycling and rugby.

However, to see the results of regular sports practice, it is important to be regular and assiduous. Over time, motivation may wane. In addition, for lack of results, some people may feel great frustration. This is why some decide to call on sports coaches. Beyond physical and mental support, this professional gives personalized advice according to the needs and objectives of the person concerned.

How is the sports market doing?

According to a study by IT giant Hubside:

  • 58% of French people are passionate about a sporting event.
  • 33% of the people polled say they practice a regular sporting activity.
  • 43% of French people have increased their sports activity following confinement.

Many people have taken advantage of the confinement and the crisis to start taking care of themselves.
More attentive to their physical and mental well-being, the French looked at activities in order to discover a physical practice that suits their tastes and desires. To know all the possibilities and adopt an approach specific to their needs, many of them called on sports coaches, also known as personal trainers.

This enthusiasm for sport has made it a business in vogue.

Which profession to choose?

Contrary to what one might think, coaching is not the only activity that recruits.
From the digital project manager to the marketing director, sports-related professions are extremely varied.

There is also the sports trader, who evaluates past meetings to better build teams and maximize the chances of winning the next matches. The profession is very profitable, especially in the context of betting.
Sports journalism and events also offer great opportunities.

Work in the field of sport, a business in vogue

According to the BPCE banking group, the sports market is estimated at 91 billion euros. This figure excludes the investments of sponsors, television and communities.

In order to work in sports, take an interest in what you like to do. Then, orient yourself towards the sports activities that appeal the most to the French. The slimming sector is booming in our country which sees the overweight figures explode.

Why not try to open an electrostimulation room? The concept is simple, you wear a suit with electrodes that are harmless to health. Electric shocks stimulate the muscles that work harder while you exercise. Thus, the effects of sports activity are increased tenfold and your clients lose weight faster.

Group training rooms are also very fashionable. Dutch models like Basic Fit see their number of customers increasing every month. Their turnover took off to 240 million euros in 2019, for a total of around 2 million subscribers. This growing industry can be a great approach for those looking to get started in this industry.

Faced with this popularity and professional opportunities, it is now possible to train in sports business professions in Lyon. This education allows you to get started in this fashionable business and develop a professional career in the sports sector.