January 26, 2022

Why does the electric bike encourage you to do more sport?

credits: serge jordan

The bicycle is certainly a practical means of transport, but also has the properties of a sports device that allows for physical exercise. Yet, for many people, it seems to have lost its “sporty” side due to the electric assistance it is endowed with. The question that arises is therefore this: does the electric bicycle encourage to play sports?

Why choose the electric bike?

The Electrically Assisted Bicycle (VAE) is above all a means of locomotion. It is equipped with a motor for help its users to go faster and further without tiring too much. It is both economical and ecological, as it emits a low rate of CO2 compared to cars and operates using an electric motor. It also offers the advantage of being suitable for both adults and children, athletes, non-athletes and PMR.

While it is true that it makes it easier for the cyclist, it still requires the latter to provide effort. This is where the whole point of buying a quiet and practical electric bike lies. This device in fact associates the effort of its user to the energy of its engine to work. In fact, the electric assistance is only operational when the cyclist is pedaling. Moreover, depending on the model, it stops automatically as soon as you reach a speed of 25 km / h. In addition, the power of its motor is limited to 250 watts.

Can you play sports with an electric bike?

Since this device only works when the cyclist is pedaling, it is obvious that it allows active mobility. Unlike cars or public transport, it asks you to exert a physical effort to ride into the wind, overcome obstacles and move around. Even if it is not intense, it is more than enough to work the muscles of your legs, your joints, your abdominals as well as the muscles of your arms and shoulders (biceps, triceps, trapezius, rotators…).

Knowing that pedaling also affects your heart rate and your breathing, using the eBike on a daily basis allows you toimprove your heart and lung capacities. This practice allows overweight people to regularly engage in moderate physical activity to prepare for more intensive training. It has also been shown that the use of this device makes it possible to practice sport without traumatizing the joints.

You can on the other hand adapt the level of assistance of your electric bike (economy, intermediate, high) if you want to perform more sporty or moderate driving. With an eBike, it is easier to pedal a long distance with a low level of assistance. This is a great way to exercise smoothly and lose calories.

Its use allows you to work all the muscles of your body and more particularly your thighs, your love handles as well as your buttocks. This allows you tomaintain better mobility, keep fit, shape your thighs and have better posture. In addition, its acquisition reduces the sedentary time of young people and adults by encouraging them to practice regular physical activity.

How to choose an electric bike?

To choose this device well, you must take into consideration the use you want to make of it as well as your needs. In general, there are four types of VEA, namely:

  • city ​​bikes,
  • Electric mountain bikes,
  • Electric VTC,
  • electric road bikes.

City e-bikes are more suited to urban practice, while mountain bikes are suitable for all types of terrain for a more sporty practice. As for VTC (Vélo Tout Chemin), they are equipped with accessories such as the luggage rack and are suitable for the city and the countryside. When it comes to electric road bikes, they are a great choice for riding for a long time without quickly getting tired.

During your choice, you should also take into account the characteristics of the eBike. Check the autonomy and recharging time of its battery. They must be optimal. Recommend lithium-ion batteries because they are lighter and more reliable. A lightweight electric bike also offers you more convenience. You can also opt for a folding model, as it takes up little space. Ultimately, the electric bike undoubtedly encourages to do more sport.