July 1, 2022

Who are these women who bring sport to life in Brioude (Haute-Loire)?

Their names are Caroline, Gaëlle, Flavie, Wiktoria, Cindy, Lysa, Fanny, Kassy and Amandine. They do athletics, dance, basketball or even swim. Through their performances or their commitment, all represent Brioude.

To highlight these sportswomen, a day is dedicated to them: Monday, January 24 marks the international day of women’s sport. The opportunity to highlight those that we talk about too little…

Wiktoria Michel, athletics

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On December 5, Wiktoria Michel broke her personal best in the 3 kg shot put. With 11.92 m, she even won the Haute-Loire indoor record. This performance is the result of hard work over the years. “I have been doing athletics for ten years and I specialized 3-4 years ago when I was in minimal”, explains the 16-year-old high school student licensed at Cab.

The weight was obvious. “I’m strong and I have a lot of facilities, I started working on it early. She also opts for jumping and discus. “I’m at the same level in jumping and shot put,” she says.
To reach this level, Wiktoria Michel trains “between 7 and 8 hours a week”. To which must be added the lessons, the homework and the little ones that she trains on Saturdays and Thursdays. “I like to train them because I like to make people discover, to pass on. »

A dream of JO

She shows them the way. She, her example, is Kevin Mayer, Olympic decathlon vice-champion. “I watch what he does and sometimes, when I want to stop, I tell myself that he, even injured, he continued. The young girl dreams of the same goal as him: “to participate in the Olympic Games”. She knows there is still a long way to go, but she believes in it. “The work pays off: I have progressed more than a meter in 2-3 months, I was shocked at myself?! “A result that she would not have achieved without her coaches, including her mother, Géraldine Michel.

Caroline Chevalier, dance and fitness

It is part of the landscape. Since she was 16, Caroline Chevalier has been teaching. First in the gym, “in the heyday of Véronique and Davina”, without any real training. “There was no diploma yet,” she explains. I trained, I did an internship in the USA and at 18 I went back to the UGB dance school. At the same time, she gives gym and fitness classes.

Then came the time of the ASB where she saw many children and adults parade. “I made children dance for 33 years. I thought I would stop dancing in two years to slow down, but the Covid brought the date forward. » All that remains is fitness. “My only regret is not having done one last show with my students. »

A family of athletes

Whatever, Caroline Chevalier has not lost her good mood. Nor his love for sport. “I come from a family of athletes. My brother is a sports teacher in the army, my dad was a soldier and loved sports. I bathed in it. »
What she likes in this environment, “is being there for people, doing good to the body, to morale”. At 54, she is not ready to quit. “I work with all age groups, I like taking care of people. »

Thirty years of dance in Brioude, thirty years of happiness and memories with Caroline Chevalier (February 2018)

Flavie Filaire, swimming

At the age of three, Flavie Filaire was already in the water. “To learn how to manage, to know how to swim,” she says. Once the basics had been acquired, she signed up for synchronized swimming before turning to sports swimming about ten years ago.

Thanks to Cob training, “swimming helps me manage my stress,” says the 17.5-year-old high school student. With her synchronized experience, “the breaststroke is my favorite stroke”. She also does front crawl, butterfly… “but I go faster in breaststroke”.

A safe sport

What she likes about swimming, “is that it’s a reassuring sport, in the water you can’t hurt yourself”. Then there is versatility. “There are several strokes, several exercises with flippers, fingers… And does it muscle the whole body?! Flavie Filaire also loves competition. “Last year we had a big group, we talked about everything except lessons because we weren’t in the same high schools. It is also in competition that she sees that she is improving.

This season, traveling through the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, “it’s complicated, I have less time because I’m taking the baccalaureate”. Next year, “I’m going to try to continue swimming once or twice a week, but the competition is going to be tough…” Especially if she manages to go into medicine, her dream. “Otherwise I would go to Staps”, to continue the sport.

Gaëlle Charre, cycling

“I have been cycling since I was little. As a teenager, it became a means of travel, of adventure. Time has passed and cycling has become a passion for Gaëlle Charre.

Thousands of kilometers swallowed

What she loves about this sport, “is that there are so many ways to ride a bike”. She practices it alone, with her children or accompanied by VSB licensees where she is registered. “When I’m on my bike, I forget everything. I pedal to keep my balance. If I don’t, I’m not well. »

On vacation or weekends, she swallows the miles. Two years ago, she rode for three days with the Donnons des Elles au Vélo club, which covers the stages of the Tour de France. “This year, I took a step with them. It’s incredible to ride with them, we encourage each other, we share… I like long distances. »

This passion takes up a lot of time for this teacher from Brivado. “My husband is very present, he helps me a lot. When they go on vacation or when they are invited to eat at Le Puy, he goes by car, she by bike. Logistical support appreciated.

Haute-Loire: what to remember from this sporting year for the Brivadois?

Amandine Chassonnaud, rugby

At 30, Amandine Chassonnaud is beginning “to be old”. Sportingly speaking, let’s be clear. So, as much as possible, she tries to pass on her knowledge to the youngest. “I give a hand to the rugby school and to the cadets”, explains the secretary of the SCB.

This female presence, in addition to two men, reassures some girls. And that’s good?! “We have a project at the club, that of having girls who feed the seniors. »

So to attract them and make them want to continue this sport, Amandine gives her time. “To know that there is a team of seniors, we have to show up. I like to transmit. »

Discovered in 2007

The young woman discovered rugby in 2007. “I came from Marseille and I had the choice between horse riding and rugby. As I like the collective, I chose rugby. In this sport, she likes “the atmosphere, being with friends, helping each other… It reflects the values ​​that I have at the family and professional level. “Values ​​that she wishes to teach to the youngest. As well as to the students of the agricultural college of Bonnefont where she supervises the women.

Cindy, Lysa, Fanny and Kassy Roziere, basketball

In the Roziere family I ask for the mother, Cindy, the eldest daughter, Lysa, the youngest, Fanny, the youngest, Kassy and the father, Thierry. Since September 2021, the entire family has been linked by the same sport: basketball practiced at Basket Ball Brivadois.

It was Cindy who discovered this discipline first. “I did from 6th to 3rd, then I stopped and started again in 2004 when my second daughter was born. She then passed on her passion to her three daughters “without forcing them to enroll,” she says. “With my husband, we forced them to swim because we wanted them to learn to swim. They didn’t all catch on. “For basketball, it’s another story…

The big ones lead the little one

With other mothers, Cindy disputed matches. “We all had girls of the same age. At half-time they played together, they tried to dribble, to score baskets… It obviously played into their desire to play basketball. »

Today, the whole family gathers around the orange ball. Better still: the big ones even train the little one! “They don’t want to change,” slips the mother, quite proud of her daughters.

And that’s not all: at the Rozieres, we are fully committed to the club and the sport. Lysa, 19, is an official referee, in addition to helping with coaching. Fanny, 17 and a half, is also a club referee. Kassy, ​​14 and a half, is following in the footsteps of her sisters. “She hopes to do like them soon, sometimes she even replaces the referees when we need them. »

Weekends between basketball and football

Family weekends are busy. “I am the seniors 1, Lysa’s team, I manage to follow Fanny’s matches a little and for Kassy, ​​in 70% of cases, I manage to do it too. Fortunately, there is a week to rest, ”she jokes. And again… “You have to prepare for training. Added to this is the position of the father, Thierry, president of the Fontannes football club.

When the matches are interrupted, especially during the holidays, there is no question of taking a break. The basketball hoop installed at home rarely stays quiet. “The girls play together, it strengthens their bonds. »

Maryne Le Goff