January 23, 2022

when the electric missile turns into a station wagon!

It is not forbidden to combine trades in life. Porsche knows this well, he who, in addition to building cars, also practices magic! His last turn? Develop a 100% electric station wagon 5 meters long and 2 meters wide, all for 2.4 tonnes once the driver is on board and make it as agile as a sports coupe a thousand kilos lighter. This engineering feat has a name: Taycan Sport Turismo, or the station wagon version of the electric sedan from Stuttgart. For the launch of this new body, Porsche is also inaugurating the GTS badge, which is inserted between the Taycan 4S and Taycan Turbo. But do not complicate your task too much because behind the wheel, the sensations are close.

Porsche Taycan test: what is the electric entry level worth?

The Sport Turismo GTS, with its 517 hp – 600 peak for a few seconds – offers, like other Taycan’s, stratospheric performance. If the acceleration is already staggering, it is especially the torque of 850 Nm, available from the start, which violates your neck and compresses you in the bottom of the seat each time the right pedal is pressed. Especially since this power is carefully distributed to the four wheels by advanced electronics, without loss of grip, each axle having the right to its engine. In fact, if the missile-style overtaking is child’s play, you still have to keep a cool head at the wheel of this “family”, the speeds reached being very quickly unreasonable.

Taycan Turbo S test

Even more agile than efficient

The new Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo offers incredible performance.© Porsche

Fortunately, the Sport Turismo is not only good at vacuuming its passengers. Despite a size and weight to scare away any driving enthusiast, the German impresses with her agility and the precision of her behavior.. To do this, Porsche has obviously put the small dishes in the big ones and the Sport Turismo has the same technical arsenal as the other variants, steering rear wheels, “torque vectoring” function and active anti-roll (option) contributing, among other things, to this station wagon as playful as a GTI in the winding. Literally clinging to the road – when it’s dry! -, this Taycan of families authorizes the behavior of dad in a hurry. Braking very late, entering a bend hard, coming out like a bullet until the next pin, here is what gives the smile in all circumstances.

Astonishing comfort

More impressive, these Dantesque performances are never obtained at the expense of comfort. There again, no miracle recipe, but the use, side connections to the ground, of a three-chamber air suspension. If it does not offer the softness of a Mercedes S-Class, in particular because of very limited travel, the Sport Turismo knows very well how to pamper its occupants. We are not surprised by the front where the driver and his passenger have the impression of being aboard a 911, but at the rear where the two seats are well dug and the legroom really correct, even for adults. The heightened headroom of 4.5 cm compared to the “sedan”, never gives the impression of being confined. The trunk is not to be outdone with a capacity announced at 446 dm3.

The rear seats of the new Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo are quite welcoming.
The rear seats of the new Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo are quite welcoming.© Porsche

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Autonomy to watch

The ideal sporty family car, the Taycan Sport Turismo obviously does not overcome the constraints of autonomy and access to recharging due to its energy. According to Porsche, its enormous 93 kWh battery, 87 of which are useful, gives it an average range of 494 km on the WLTP cycle. If it will especially be necessary to drive at low speed to approach 500 km with a load, mixed and reasonable use should rather make it possible to travel 350 km on a cycle, or even around 250 km on the motorway. Fortunately, the Sport Turismo offers, like the other Taycan’s, a very powerful on-board charger (270 kW) allowing the use of the superchargers and recovering a lot of energy in a short time (100 km every 5 minutes). It also remains to get rid of a check for € 136,619 excluding options.