July 1, 2022

What is jorkyball, this sport for which the European Championships are held in Perpignan?

Jorkyball, inspired by football, is played 2 against 2 on a small field, with walls on the sides and a net above. (©Youtube/Jorkyball International Federation)

Do you know the jorkyball ? Do not panic, this sporting discipline is still unknown to the general public in 2021. In full swing, it is however particularly well developed in the Eastern Pyrenees and to Perpignan, where will take place, moreover, Friday and Saturday, the European championships. Presentation of this atypical sport.

Jorkyball, 2-on-2 football

It all started in 1987, Lyon. It is in his garage that a famous Gilles Paniez will create the jorkyball: one football minimalist to 2 against 2, on a plot of 50m2 (5m X 10m) indoors, with walls on the sides and a net almost three minutes above, so that the ball does not come out.

Note some peculiarities: in each team, an attacker and a defender. No caretaker. For his part, the defender cannot stop the ball with his hand, the cages measuring only one meter by one meter. Finally, a bit like tennis, the match is won by three winning sets. And to win a set, you have to score seven goals.

A very physical sport

You may have guessed it, jorkyball is a sport particularly also intense that physique, like the fell and you squash. Matches can last between an hour and a half and two hours!

“This sport does a lot work out cardio. It takes a grand strategy placement, but also to know son binomial. It is a discipline that can bring a lot to classic 11 ″ football, sums up Sebastien picard, the Mr. jorkyball of the Catalan country.

President and player of the Perpignan club, vice-president of the Federation french but also international spanish and coach of the Spain team, the latter carries this discipline at arm’s length in the P.-O.

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France best nation in the world

In Catalan country precisely,Association Sportive Jorkyball Perpignan is entered in the first division and is one of the best clubs in France. 130 license holders have also joined this sport, all over the the hexagon. A figure in clear increase for three years.

The France team is, for its part, the best national in the world. And it is as a favorite that she is about to compete in the European championships, Friday and Saturday. A competition organized for the first time in Perpignan, and more precisely in Stadium Five Center, near the Saint-Charles bypass roundabout.

With Italy, the Portugal, the Poland and spain as opponents, the Blues will try to win a new trophy. But the goal is elsewhere for all these athletes, eager to discover this discipline of the future to the general public. For the occasion, Gilles Paniez, the inventor of jorkyball, will be present in person.


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